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Monday, March 18, 2013

Other Stuff

I'm addressing this in a second post from the status post, because this isn't about the game directly per se.

One of the other things I've done this week is set up a new subforum on the Hentai Highschool Forum for game design (which I'm an admin for) dedicated to Overwhored and RPG Maker games. If you decide you want to start a game, do it! This is a good place for it, and I've made a sticky with some resources for new designers.

I will still update the threads on the forums you came from, of course. But you can consider this the "dedicated" forum for Overwhored. Fanfics, fanart, suggestions, or your own game can go there.

And speaking of that forum, there's a new game there called Harem Collector that's just getting started. It has a nice start to it, so take a look on the Overwhored forum, or at his blog:

I also wanted to bring up suggestions. I've gotten a few lately, so here's my general stance on them:
I will probably not include suggested characters in the game unless they can be cleanly integrated into the extras. Additionally, they can't interrupt the story.

Some of you have brought up Fenoxo to me. I understand Fenoxo's position on a lot of things pretty well. One thing I do *not* want to endure is what he has dealt with concerning some OC's created by certain donators. I love your donations and I love your suggestions, but like I said when I started accepting donations - this is my story and my game. I will do my best to design it to be enjoyable to everyone, but everything that goes into this game needs to be free for me to change, alter, or redesign as the story requires. So if you make a suggestion for characters or things in the story, understand that I *may* incorporate it, but that I may not, or that I may make big changes to anything you suggest if I put it in.

I do not *ever* want to discourage you from making suggestions. But keep the above in mind when you do. It doesn't matter if you donate or not, or if you're a longtime follower or not. Anyone is free to suggest what they like, but I will decide what goes into the game and how. And what's listed in my outline and on the extras list gets priority. Even if I don't respond, I DO listen to all of your suggestions. Those of you who have followed Overwhored for a while know that I've made many alterations to the game based on your feedback, so trust me in that regard.

Now that the gruff speech about boundaries is over, go and get suggesting, get making, and get creative!


  1. Consummately sensible position.

  2. In Lieu of all suggestions being read, I'd just like to add one. And that i think it would be worth while to go back and actually show us their corruption taking place, the breaking of their will and the reshaping of their minds, that's always the best part in corruption anyway :)

    I love this game, and i love where it's been heading, it's deserved every ounce of popularity it's garnered. (wow i said it's alot)

  3. Thanks for sharing Harem Collector! I have played it already and it seems like a pretty enjoyable effort, even at such an early stage.

  4. I would like it if the people captured and put into crystals were the same people that were captured instead of the default sprites you are using for the crystal slaves, but that is just my issue with minor details. Of course if it is too much hassle I don't mind if it stays the same as is right now. You have done an excellent job so far, and I find it abit funny you bring up Fen since I think I am one of the people that suggested you ask him for advice.

  5. Just an idea for the final bad guy? or is it good guy? perhaps they should be powerd in the same way your character is?

  6. Not to worry. I have all of the seven heroines you have to fight planned out and have had them planned out since the start.

    On the subject of the crystals, I actually have a bunch of sprites. I just prioritize fixing that below adding new content. I should go back and fix it after this release, but before the release after that. I have it penciled in.

  7. Excuse me for the question but where can i find the code to open the chest in the throne room? I tried searching this blog but i didn t find anything

  8. It was mentioned in a post. I should add it to the side of the blog.

    The code is "urthebstfans".