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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank you for the Donations!

The project has already gained over a hundred dollars so far, which is equal to at least two images. Because of PChronos's donated Batwere sex scene, that means that new releases will come a lot more rapidly than they otherwise might have.

All donators will be entered in the credits, their preferences will be given extra weight when extras are up for selection with any extra funds, and they are also given the opportunity to become Beta testers when new versions of the game are available.

On the gameplay front, things are coming along nicely. Several portions of the brainwashing cathedral are mapped out, only a few remain. Eventing (filling in monsters and events) will make the bulk of the work, but mapping won't take too much longer.

As a nice little bonus for those of you who have been following along, in addition to those that have already been done, I have a few concept sketches by Sleepymaid that were never turned into full images. Once we hit the "extras" phase, if I get enough money and can convince sleepymaid, I could turn these into full images.


  1. - in this blog of another adult game I'm following closely the author reports issues with donations through PayPal. Cypress_z would likely be interested in that (and may need to find another way of doing this).

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  3. I am not CURRENTLY experiencing issues with paypal, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens at some point. I'm currently looking into other methods and am going to transfer the funds out of the paypal account in a few days, adding them back in only to pay artists.

    I have more in the paypal account than donations to act as a buffer for fees on those donations. If worst comes to worst and it freezes before I can transfer funds to somewhere safer, I should still be able to refund funds. I have enough money to personally cover the picture in the works.