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Monday, December 10, 2012

Donations and Fanart

Well, I asked, and you unanimously replied: Let us give you money!

I'm pretty stunned by the responses, and glad that there are people that enjoy this project enough to want to donate to it.

I have added a Paypal button to allow for donations, which you can now see on the side of the blog. I'll look into additional means of allowing donations in the future.

If you donate, your name will be put in the credits, so your contribution to the project is known by all!

All donations will go towards art, ensuring that the game gets done faster. The more money I get, the more images I can and will add to the game.

First priority is the basic thirteen images needed to complete the game. Once those are completed, all donations will go toward optional extras.

The thirteen images needed to finish the game are the sex scenes for the heroines of the game, and the ending CG. My estimate is that those images will cost at least $650. Once that is done, I will commission artists to work on the most popular extras.


People have asked for a list of the kind of extras I have planned. I will do my best to keep spoilers out of this.

1: A quest to gather maid slave girls, similar to the quest in the original Overlord game, but with a sexy twist. This would be a series of images.

2: An image to accompany the opening scene, where the slave girls rub their boobs in the Overmind's face to wake him up.

3: I had always intended the slave pits to have an accompanying picture, but this was cut for reasons of cost in favor of advancing the story. You would get to see the girls hanging in the air, suspended in crystal, in perpetual orgasm.

4: Without spoilers, I intend to incorporate a cowgirl farm in the future. This would give images for it.

5: An extra, optional, unlockable sex scene with the Tower Mistress.

6: Individual sex scenes with the three original slaves, and a scene with them all pregnant.

7: Heroine introductory images, showing them pre-transformation. For instance, you'd see Nanshe sitting on her throne backed by blue flame, staring down the Overmind. I'd like to eventually have one for each heroine if possible.

8: Sex scenes with captured village girls when you take over a city.

9: Hand drawn faces, rather than the machine made ones.

10: Battle images for heroines and monsters, custom to the character.

11: Some sex scenes with monster girls. A goo girl, Angel, Naga, fire elemental, etc. 

I sat down and figured my "dream list" would be about 66 images during initial planning. Beyond the core images, let me know which ones you'd like to see and I'll prioritize those out of the extras. This list is pretty flexible, so outside the core images, any of them can be added without any disruption of the story or game.

On a final note, I received a fun piece of fanart today from a poster on the Hypnopics Collective forum called Ehlanna. I love fanart, and this is some fun stuff. Enjoy!

You can find her Deviantart Here:


  1. Very nice fanart pic and excellent ideas for the development. Keep up the good work!

  2. So if I'm correct those are the Overmind, Alexia, Iskis, Kael and the Bat Girl?

    Sweet. Sexy. Spectacular.

  3. Please put in the money you would need for each extra so I know how much I'd need to look into donating.

  4. I am operating under the assumption that any given pic is going to be roughly $50. This is inaccurate - some will be less, some might be more. It depends on the artist and the quality of the picture.

    Realistically, it might be closer to $40, but I can't guarantee that. I'm assuming it'll cost more than it will.

    The first $650 will be reserved for the core images, to ensure the game can be finished. After that, each $50 goes to a new picture. If there's any money left over (The core images cost less than $650) everything will be kicked over to adding in bonus images.

    To those looking, don't feel like you have to donate a huge amount! Little dollar amounts (especially over time) do help, and you will be credited for ANY contribution.

    @Kuranzyan: Yep! The artist explained that is what she had intended. Pretty neat.

    1. can you put up a money bar ?

    2. Yes please. I see about five things in those extras that I'd be happy to donate for.

  5. Done! Enjoy your delicious bar of money.