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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What's Been Going On Lately?

Right, so here's the current state of development. I've been doing a decent bit of work lately.

Speed issues will be fixed in the next version, thanks to a script (The Yanfly Melody Engine) modified by Regless, a member of the Hongfire forums. This is pretty invaluable to me, as I absolutely suck at scripting or modifying scripts. Big credit to Regless.

Since the last release here's what I've done: 1: Created five new maps, and new regions on the world map. This includes boat travel now, which will allow you to go to the new locations.

2: Created a hellishly complex event on one of those maps.

Let's elaborate on that a bit. I recently made an event to preview one of the heroines before you end up fighting her. Though it doesn't take long in-game, this may be one of the most complex series of events I've done. Thankfully I understand the system a lot better than I did when I first started. It wasn't terribly difficult, but getting everything to work right with the right timing was a bit annoying.

3: Started making the next heroine dungeon. It's a cool chapel, and I'm trying to reference Chrono Trigger in a few places with it. You may have noticed it's a preview image for the game already. But here's another.

4: Begun working on making the bat a recruitable character. You'll get her in the next heroine dungeon, the chapel.

Work on balancing her has yet to truly begin, but she'll be functional soon enough. She'll be recruited in the Chapel, so you'll be able to use her when you get her there.

5: A few new items, letting you use some you couldn't use before, tweaking items and stats and making everything work better.

6: Altering a bunch of skills.

7: About a bajillion invisible little tweaks and fixes to things you'll probably never notice. Of all the things I do, this is about 90% of my work.

8: Added a ton of music. It's royalty free, and I did have to buy it for a pretty penny, but it's been important from the start of the project that I have no copywrite issues with any of my work. I loathe the idea of anyone trying to tell me to stop the project because I'm using their image or song. This means Art is now the only expense. And it is quite expensive. A new release is still a ways away. But now you know where I'm at.

Just a general FYI. If you're an artist and want to contribute to the project, go ahead and contact me, and we'll see if we can get you in-game. (Conditions: Traditional art, must be a of a style at least somewhat similar to the others in color scheme and style) Otherwise, I absolutely love fanart. Gimmie fanart of ANY kind, and I'll happily plaster it everywhere.

That's all for now.

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