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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cathedral Mapping Done

Good news everyone! I've finally finished mapping out the cathedral and have a good idea of what each room will entail encounter and event-wise. Most already have placeholder events for the more interesting stuff. All the physical objects in rooms and the rooms themselves are made.

The cathedral is still far from done, however. Now I have to fill it with monsters, write up the boss fight and get the sex scenes done.Though planning and mapping are a big part of the dungeon, eventing, monsters, and balance are the bulk of the work. I don't expect it to be difficult however, as I have some pretty good notes.

It's like science with no actual research or study. My entire childhood spent reading mythology and history books to pass the time before internet pornography existed was NOT wasted, because now I can put that knowledge to use! Use making internet pornography!

I'm also talking with a few artists about doing art for the game. I'm not making inquiries to too many at this time because I don't have the funds to do more than two pictures. Thanks to your generous donations that's two more pictures than you'd have right now otherwise however, so a big thanks to all the donators! You will be put in the credits and remembered.

Finally a reminder that if you're an artist and want to contribute to the game, please let me know! I have money which I will gladly stuff into your pockets if you have the talent and are interested.

And as always, fanart is absolutely welcome, no matter your style or skill level.

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  1. Great news, thanks for keeping us up to date :-)