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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Musings on Speed and Health

So it isn't exactly a secret that I often go on 4chan. Mostly /tg/, but also on other boards. And if I mention Overwhored the main subject that comes up is, "How's your health?"

Let me answer that right now: Perfectly fine.

And the reason I want to point that out is because anyone who is familiar with H-Game development knows a few things about game designers; often they talk about how terrible their health is and this is usually an excuse to get money from you or for them to quit on a project they're no longer interested in.

I already have health care. I work two jobs and I am simply not the type to abandon a project people have given me money for. I knew damn well when I first started accepting donations it'd take a long while to finish this game, so I resolved NEVER to quit until it's done.

I will occasionally gripe about things. I broke a tooth last year, battled with my once a year bout of bronchitis and I have old injuries related to military service that cause chronic pain. Let me be clear - NONE of these are a reason for me not to work. If anything I do more work on the game when I'm sick. Two jobs, remember?

But most of my work on the game isn't spent on the game; it's spent sending e-mails to people. And most of the delay is just caused by me waiting for art to get done. I don't like releasing sections of the game with placeholder art. I'm always on the lookout for new artists because good art takes time; sometimes it'll take three or more months before I get a commission done after it's been set. That's not a criticism of the team; that's just how commissions work if you can't hire people fulltime. Writing and programming doesn't take much time at all. Once I have all the art assets in place for a chapter I usually sit down and crank out the whole section over a few evenings.

That said, some artists have really stepped it up and work prolifically. Mindwipe, aka PlanetofJunk, has worked tirelessly on the new face sets and got them done REALLY damn fast. And he has done a bunch of images you can't see yet because they're late in the game. He's both talented and works fast, and I absolutely love it. Send him some love, please. You'll really be impressed with some of the new facesets.

In fact, let me preview some faces for you right now:

Each of these is part of a full set. You might have noticed a few things in there you haven't seen in the game. Guess what? They're previews.

Turning Princess Tasa and Princess Melita into cowgirls was an option I planned from the beginning, and the charming lady with the beret is the heroine of the next chapter.

Also I mentioned placeholder art earlier. Well, I have some good news, one bit of placeholder art is no more. I HATE releasing a section of the game without complete art.

A new member has been added to the art team, a cool fellow that goes by SeaithDaizon:

I'm so damn glad to finally replace that old Audr placeholder with a real custom battle image. It looks pretty damn sweet too. Check out his tumblr for art here. 

Expect to see more from this artist soon. As always, thanks for following.


  1. Eagerly awaiting the next update!
    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks for the up-date. Get antsy not hearing anything after a while.

  3. Played the game just yesterday. It's really great, though I don't like most of arts. I liked one with Naisha (necromancer) in the mausoleum though. Also I'm quite fond of tower restoration process, mechanics remind me of Divinity 2, with all that personal tower and stuff. The game surely have lots of potential... Though there are some bugs and drawbacks (in my opinion)
    Firstly, there are carpet i throne room. Whenever I stepped on it's right down corner, I've entered a new location that looked like a repaired throne room... This effect vanished after regoing to the room again. Isn't so annoying and I found it accidentally, but anyway.
    Then, I got bothered with all the bathrooms, kitchens, other rooms that a free to access but have NOTHING to do in. I expect kitchen and bath rape tho, at least. (By the way, back to the Saida castle - could you please add blowjob maniac into the harem? That girl made my day ^^)
    Few other bags is that apart for shade and healing spells, nothing can be upgraded and also, whenever I get the notification, that more slaves are sent to the slave pens, more crystals do not appear here... I suppose they should.
    Apart from that bugs are not visible even if they are here... Ah, nearly forgot - going around without the map is difficult... I hardly found the chapel in the beginning of the game.
    Anyway, game is mostly great, thanks for the good work and keep it up! Will look towards the update.

    1. Ah, crap, actually forgot one thing - there's relatively low number of text in rape scenes, than there in other similar games, take the same Orcs Strike. That make H-scenes twice less attractive in my opinion...