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Friday, May 16, 2014

Audience and Inspirations:

Well, I did a round up a while ago of who looks at this blog the most. I love information and data so I pay close attention to statistics, referring sites and so on.

So let's look at the stats again.

 1: United States

2: Germany

3: Japan

4: United Kingdom

5: Canada

6: Australia

7: Poland

8: Russia

9: France

10: Sweden

So we have some big changes now! This sort of thing fluctuates over time, but basically the top contenders have regularly been the UK, Germany, US, and Canada. Germany has basically always been #2, because apparently my game appeals to Germans in a big way. Why? I have no idea. Maybe Germany has a big mind control fetish?

Anyway, the big news is the new nation on the block, Japan. I have not gone out to gain any sort of publicity in Japan whatsoever. I don't speak Japanese and frankly there's so much competition overseas that I never even began to think anyone there would care. But apparently they do - they've knocked the UK out for the third place spot. Where are they coming from? Yes, apparently they're actually looking me up on google independently - I have no idea how they found out about this game. But I'm happy! Japanese games have been a big inspiration for Overwhored, and I sincerely hope that the new Japanese fans enjoy the game.

Frankly I'd be overjoyed to have a Japanese translation done. As it is I do have someone working on it, but to date no translations (for any language) are complete.

Australia has actually fallen on the list; a bit of a disappointment I think. I did base the goblins on your country, after all. Mind you, I probably didn't do a very good job of it, but I like Australians!

... Okay, I like Australian women. That accent is amazing. Just gimmie all your women Australia, that's all I'm saying.

On that note I'm going to be putting the goblin sex scene in the game pretty soon. The art for it is done so I have little reason to hold off on that.

 I don't think I'll go into humorous diversions on all the countries this time. I will say I found a site referring to this one from Russia and BRIEFLY panicked before I realized they weren't out to burn down everything. They're just normal fans of the game.

I have an odd relationship with Russia; I grew up in a military family during the cold war and grew up CONVINCED that when the evil Russians decided to destroy the world with nuclear hellfire I'd be a soldier fighting them. Turns out I never did get to fight the Russians. Just as well though - every online game I've ever played where Russians were allowed to participate is like hell come to Earth. I have yet to be convinced that Russians are totally human and not demonic griefers wearing human skin, but I'll hold an open mind for now. I can't really hold their quest to capture all the cute Ukranian girls against them, I mean - would totally invade Ukraine so I could have all their cute women if I could. They're pretty cute.

Also I'm pleased as always to have the Scandinavian nations such as Norway be fans of the game. They love buttsex, I do too. I think buttsex with a cute girl is a pretty cool sex act, I'll do my best to put more of it in the game for you all. Since the Dwarves are based on Norway maybe I'll see about getting some dwarf girl buttsex in.

By the way, I noticed one of the most common search terms (and one of the oft repeated questions in that thread) was where the docks are in Sayda. There's a secret girl you can collect there who will have a sex scene eventually (her art isn't done yet, but you can collect her) who dies if you don't find her before defeating Branda.

I'm remaking some of these maps, but the entrance is now much easier to find. This is what it looks like now:

The entrance is in the same place in the current version of the game. Just follow the giant red arrow.

The second thing I wanted to talk about today was one of the big inspirations for my game, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

I draw inspiration from a lot of old games - Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Tales of Destiny being a few, but the Lunar series has been one of the strongest influences on this game. Often I've tried to make the game play more like Lunar only to be stopped by RPG Maker's limitations. 

I originally played Lunar 2 on the Sega CD. Years later when Lunar 1 and 2 were remade for the playstation I bought the hell out of them; Working Designs did an AMAZING job with the localization of the remake. And the swag it came with was phenomenal. 

Lunar and Lunar 2 were somewhat revolutionary in their day. They did a lot of things other RPGs of the time didn't. They had full voice acting which was surprisingly good by the standards of the time, full animated cutscenes on part with anime, which was very hot at the time, and a whole hell of a lot of little things. 

I don't doubt that it's the whole reason I have a fetish for naked girls floating in crystals. I mean, Lunar 2 started with a naked girl floating in a crystal, and the first time I saw that I was like "Whooooaaaaaah". 

You can watch the intro for yourself (Superior Playstation Remake Version) here:

Truth be told, although the games were often excessively sunny and a bit cheesy at times, I LOVE that sort of thing. Now my stuff is often a bit darker, so that might surprise you. But I adore the everloving hell out of games like this.

If I had a gorillion dollars I'd probably give most of it away (I don't personally care about money that much) but one thing I'd set aside cash for would be to make another Lunar game.

I love the gameplay, I love the story, I love the voice acting, I love the cutscenes, I love the dragon-cats, I love every single thing about the two Lunar games, though Lunar 2 remains my favorite of the two.

Mind you, Lunar 1 had some amazing scenes too , like this:

The original version of Lunar 1 was highly flawed though; it still had random battles rather than 'walk into monsters on the screen encounters' and is heavily dated in many respects. The remake is amazing and takes a lot from Lunar 2 though.

It's also hard not to love the characters. I think this is the main reason I like Lunar 2 so much. I adore Lemina and Leo and most of the cast of Lunar 2. Many of the characters are big hams; I personally love characters with larger-than-life personalities and egos.

Often I wonder these days why there isn't more porn of Lina Inverse or more porn of Lunar. While there is actually not a terrible amount of Slayers porn out there (though I can never get enough of Lina) there's almost no porn of Lunar. There's one really terrible neotare doujin of Lunar 1 and one other that's really short and not very good and that's about it that I've heard of.

This is a tragedy. Where's the porn of Lemina? Mauri? Lucia? This is utterly goddamn unacceptable.

I hereby vow to publicly post some porn of it once I'm a bit better at art. And if you draw some good Lunar 2 porn I will personally give you a cameo in Overwhored. Seriously, show me some Lemina with her ancestor Mia, or some Mauri with anybody or Luna and Lucia or frankly just about anything! If it's good, BAM! Cameo.

I love the Lunar series and if I could, I'd make Overwhored just like it. (Spoilers: The Tower Mistress's True identity is a dragon-cat. Okay, not really. But I'm tempted...) Unfortunately I can't so I won't. I can't afford to hire someone like Zone to give everyone the animations, the system can't handle battles the same way and there's a lot of other things. It sucks.

But I'll try to give you the best characters I can. I hope with all sincerity that you all enjoy them and are inspired to make your own h-games as the Lunar series inspired me.

As a final post here the awesome Nekochan of badkittygames drew a pic of the Tower Mistress a while back. The style was so much like Lunar's style I damn near nostalgiagasmed. I love it. I don't know if I've posted it here before but if I have - well, it's so nice I'll post it twice.

Thanks all! Hop on the IRC sometime and I'll gush about Lunar some more.

It's:  #hgamedesign on


  1. best villan/anti-hero ever; Ghaleon.

    in L2:EB where you go into the old grinder and see the "record of my best work" is imo THE best intro.

    1. Ghaleon is right up there with Grahf to me. I wonder why so many good villains have g-names?

  2. Greets from Germany. I think a main reason is: Your game is in English. Most Germans speak English very well, so we can play your game without problems. Japanese Translation Programms are more worse than good, and complicated to handle, so its no option in my point of view. Beside that, this game has a very good sense of humor, thats very unique. Ok there are japanese games with humor too, but I dont get it very often. Maybe its the cultural difference? (sometimes I dont get the British humor either ^^). Apperantly Germans like Porn Games, in most statstiks of hentai/sex game developers (like fenoxxo), Germans are on the 2nd or 3th visiting rank.

    1. British humor is very much cultural and about absurdity and social satire. It's very dry. I love it myself, but I can very easily understand how it might not translate very easily to a lot of other cultures. There's a lot of Americans who just flat out don't get it either.

      Humor is subjective; what's funny to one person may be repulsive or worse, taken seriously by another.

      I don't have a ton of experience with German humor but from what I have seen it's not that different than American humor at it's core, just with somewhat different methods of expressing it.

      Mind you most of my exposure to 'German humor' is from Krautchan, so one should not consider it very representative.

    2. American humor = German humor yes and no ^^ We are succumbing a export of American culture for nearly a half century. American Comedy soaps beginning with the 90's classics like family matters or home improvment to modern succesful series like big bang theory or how I met your mother lead to the impression that the humor is similiar. I think that is not the case in most cases. These comedy formats are made to be liked by a very broad audience. But if you compare Stand Up comediens or sketch shows (actually I only know Mad TV), there are large differences:

      - American comedians are very focused on American celebrities (You have to search very long till you find a German comedian who is specialist in bashing celebrities)

      - Also a popular topic is Black n' White (similiar to German theme Turkish people and Germans, and like in America only Black people/Turkish people are socialy allowed to talk about this topic).

      - American Stand up comedians tend to be offensiv against the audience for joke/fun. You won't find that in Germany

      - A lot of popular German comedians are focused on the men and women relation lately (Michael Mittermeier, Mario Bart, Sissi Perlinger etc.), but I goes more in the corner of emancipation.

      - German Humor can be more sex oriented than American Humor

      - Outside of TV I find that most of the jokes you hear people telling are: racist and or sexist, but I think thats the same in America

      - Plus: Americans have cartoons which are very critisism gainst way of life or politician but subliminal. In Germany you find something like that only in political cabaret in there its very direct.

    3. yes german humor is a bit similar to american
      but lots more sex jokes AND so-called "black humour" or in german "galgenhumor" many about the "nazi" era

      FOR EXAMPLE: "how did adolf h.(dont wanna write the last name down here) really die? he had an heart attack when he saw his gas bill."

      such things and other bitter topics(for those who understand german: "wie viele leute waren auf der love parade? zehntausend und paar zerquetschte")

      since our history is branded with such dark events play it down by making fun of it
      other countries might be offended by that bu thats how most real germans deal with the past to make such topics less intense
      (that kind of humour is reducing lately since more and more foreigners are settling down in germany which detest such jokes...)
      and yes i confirm some of these jokes can be really mean that even most germans are offended by them.....(some guys just dont know where fun is stopping and where insult is starting....)

      @anonymous: ja mario bart is gut aber mehr als einmal kann man sich seine witze nich reinziehen da haben die dann schon soooooo n langen "bart" :D

    4. I particularly like black humor, cynicism and satire. Perhaps that's why the humor from my game translates well to you all.

      Now I'm curious what German comedies are like. Ah well.

    5. If you wanna see a very unique comedian you should keep an eye on Caroline Kebekus. Maybe you find a German in your hood who can translate it for you. Dont know a German live? Its simple, set a sign infront of your house with "Schnitzel und Pommes zum Halben Preis. Ausländer zahlen das Dreifache" (schnitzel and french fries for half price. Foreigner have to pay triple)

    6. @KaiSakurai: Man sollte in nem Englischen Forum nicht auf ner Sprache schreiben die kaum einer versteht, sofern man nicht die Übersetzung liefert. Ist total unhöflich. Errinnert mich an Kanacken die neben dir Türkisch sprechen.

      (You shouldnt write in a foreign language which is spoken by a minority in a forum, unless you give a translation for it. Its totaly unpolite if you dont do so. Reminds me on (offensiv term for turkish people) who are talking turkish right besides you.)

  3. I nearly choked with my vodka when reading your opinion about Russian people. Well, just kiddin' (Vodka is worhtless, actually, and I'm not pure Russian, but nevermind)
    You may be surprised, but there are a lot Russian fans of Hentai JRPGs (I'm just one of them). And there are tons of people who actually know English time better than other European people. (Probably, because after the russian other languages are a piece of cake =D)
    By the way, do you know, did those guys decided to translate game to russian? Because if they didn't I wanted to try it out maybe =D (With your permission only, ofc)
    Anyway, I hope you read my comment to your previous blog entry. I listed some valuable bugs there... As well as my opinion in general.
    Keep up the good work man!

    1. Seriously, my eyes sure did widen when I read the part about russians. It's always advised to think before you speak and this goes double when you're blogging. I would quickly edit your post if I were you Cypress and keep your racism to yourself like most people do.

    2. That section was a joke. And Russian's aren't considered a racial group in the US, just a nationality. Americans just look at Russians as generic white people, like any of Europe and the majority of the US. It'd be like saying you're racist against people from Canada. It's just weird. If you don't get the sort of tongue in cheek satirical humor I put out I worry what messages you're getting from the game.

      And yes to Fikwriter, I did read about the bugs and do appreciate my Russian fans. I appreciate ALL my fans. Except the Californians, fuck those guys.

      I do have one person working on a Russian translation but I haven't heard from him in a while so I don't mind someone else giving it a go.

    3. Huh. I thought you don't reply to anyone cause you're too cool for that! Lol. It was a cool joke btw, but you was not entirely wrong. They are gonna burn smth if you piss them...
      Back to the game. Do you mind if I send you few... Suggestions? Dunno how to call them. Anyway, I've got a whole bunch of ideas for the side quests at least. (And you may add side quests from the Saida queen at least... Those quests will be rewarded with slave girls, so people will be fired up with idea to complete them). And my ideas are brilliant (I'm soooo much modest, you see)
      As a fan I want this game be great... (And my name in contributors list, bwahaha)
      (To be honest, some of those ideas could have ended in Harem Collector... But those developers ignore me for nearly a week, so I may give you those ideas instead. He-he)
      Anyway, I'm overexcited with the thoughts that I can contribute to the game. So if you consider appropriate giving me a chance... Just reply =3

    4. You started off the paragraph quite serious talking about your background, family and your fears of the child. It's not just a big joke paragraph. By the way the whole thing is written, it was clearly meant to be the type of joke that is supposed to be funny but at least somewhat true.

      You know what I meant too when I said you're letting your racism show, your comments about the Russian people clearly shows your prejudice and the little bits of humor is a very thin veil. There is no need to draw attention away from the issue by focusing on my technical misuse of the word, I'm trying to help you not string you up for what you said. I love me some offensive humor and I'm not even Russian but any Russian with decent reading comprehension will see right through that "joke".

    5. Fikwriter, I comment when I feel like it and have some free time, which is rare. But go ahead and send me an e-mail and we can discuss stuff.

  4. yay we're 2nd!
    gets me into a good mood so i'll let the "mind control fetish" comment slip....
    but mr. anonymous from comment #2 is right:
    germans LOVE hentai games
    but there are too few in english(too few GOOD ones...)
    most rly good h games are japanese and that sux
    some dont need any understanding for the language to be playable because they have easy game mechanics and not much story
    but low amount of story sux too
    so its obvious that your game which is good, english and has a decent amount of humorous story is quite popular within the german perv community

    1. I poke fun at different groups but do love my German fans. It's a shame I never learned German (it is offered in highschool here) as there's at least one adult game that krautchan made I can't play because it's in German - and the art is crazy good! Mind you it's all loli themed but I am fine with that. As long as it's fake it's alright.

      The terrible thing about German is that sometimes it ALMOST feels like I understand it. If I had more patience maybe I'd sit down with an english to german dictionary and translate everything manually. But I really don't have that sort of free time.

      german hentai game... :D
      german isnt THAT hard........
      especially if u already speak dutch or a skandinavian language
      they are quite similar
      and its far easier than japanese =P

  5. Ah the Lunar series. One of my all time favorite rpg i have played. I remember singing the opening songs, boat song, and lucia's theme so much when i was younger. Still remember the lyrics to this day. They put in quite a bit of effort to localize the songs.

    1. Working Designs put so much effort into things that they eventually bankrupted themselves. But their efforts and the work they did is truly amazing and legendary as a result. I think as a fan there's nothing better than Working Designs localizations. Not only is the translation great and the humor clever and witty, the games came with a ludicrous amount of stuff like cloth maps, bound books, and Lucia's pendant. And a making of CD with a bonus minigame and music CD's. I must have played Leo's theme on repeat a thousand times.

      I'm damn glad that Working Designs existed. It's just a shame that they had to close their doors.

  6. To be fair, people's perception of Russians in MMO is usually very biased because all the civil ones mostly keep to themselves and speak understandable English. And quietly facepalm when yet another translit shit-flinging fest breaks out in [General].

    1. I'm well aware. I've actually had some good games with Russian players and I often wonder what underage Americans look like online to people in other countries. I have little doubt that the Russians I've run into are probably just teenagers and basement dwellers. Though I prefer to imagine they're just a swarm of foul-mouthed beautiful Russian girls because that's way more fun and funny.

    2. the online image of russians is mostly bad
      for example in the game haven&hearth russian players are said to be the most violent killers attacking evry non-russian they meat without even starting a conversation...
      obviously its all just prejudices
      some might play like that but some of other nationalities also do that....
      those who RLY met russian players always tell that those images are wrong and the nice russian players say that too
      so dont worry about ur view of the russians its common in onlinegames but most ppl know its not true
      only real haters who r shitstorming evrything will react aggressively to that(like the anonymous who answered fikwriter's comment...)

    3. The reputation Russians have in Haven & Hearth is not a lie. However, just about all sustained H&H players and communities are terrible people because that game has zero moderation or protection against hackers, bot users, and asshats in general. The creators are staunchly against stopping any of that. The result is a game that barely works (and is down as often as not) and has an utterly toxic community.

      I played it for a while because the game at its core isn't bad; I even led a semi-successful village once. But there's simply no fun to it when people using bots can bot-grind and crush everyone else in no time.

      The bay12 people are an exception though; those guys are always pretty cool.

  7. How did japanese found this? i've no idea.
    speaking of old hentai games, only the rance series came up to mind, and god that's a legend