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Monday, February 9, 2015

Lapis Azurai

Hey all! A friend of mine that goes by the name of Bluewinds is also making an adult game. She's currently making a game called Lapis Azurai.

She's going the route of "vanilla game with adult extra optional downloads" that I have thought about doing with future games. Basically it's a way to get adult games onto mainstream sites. You present an entirely vanilla game, then you offer a NSFW "Patch" on your website.

I've played through some of the early versions of it and it was fairly interesting. Rather than pipe on too much about it I think I'd rather let her speak for herself. She has some pretty awesome artists and made a sweet commercial on her Kickstarter page.

Check it out!

Also a quick update on what I'm doing lately: Revamping combat to make it fun. It was very bare-bones before, now I'm really crunching down and trying to make it as fun as possible. Thanks again for all the support - it means I can spend the time doing this stuff. I'll have a test-release for the new combat system on the 1st of next month!


  1. Already pledged the $15 for the year of early updates. I liked the work Bluewinds did with her games, and Lapis Azurai looks like a lot of fun itself. Hopefully it will end up being longer than the games though, cause I was able to complete those in a fairly low number of hours lol.

    Played through the demo Bluewinds has on the site, and liked the game so far. You have to actually think a bit in order to make a respectable profit on your runs, and I like having to decide between taking the relatively safe routes that take a bit longer and the more dangerous routes that shave a couple days off your travel time.

    Glad to see you're plugging this Cypress.


    1. She's a friend and I never mind giving a bit of exposure to friends.

    2. And I appreciate it lol. If someone else hadn't plugged her Kickstarter I would've never heard about it in time to pledge, because it'd been awhile since I'd stopped by her site.


    3. Looks like Blue's halfway through the Kickstarter timeframe already, with only about 1/4 of the goal. Think she may have to look into the Patreon way, cause it's not looking like she's going to hit what she needs on Kickstarter.