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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Goal Reached!

Hey all! The $600 goal is reached. That means more Sleepymaid art in the game! Yaaay!

Note that this ONLY applies to this game. As I stated when I started the goal Sleepymaid's images have half their cost reserved already. That's because they cost twice as much as what was budgeted initially. Once the art for Overwhored is finished - and we're getting close - I won't be at the 4 pics/month rate until it's at $800. Not terribly nice, I know, but in order to do this at all I have to provide at least $360 a month to Sleepymaid.

But for now the money is reserved and pics will get made! Let's celebrate!

I spent much of yesterday working on the Monstergirl Village. It's far from done, alas. Why? Because it requires custom sprites. Custom sprites are a LOT of work and one can take several hours.

I did this one last night. It was relatively easy. Took several hours.

It's based on this character, drawn by Drew, with the finished art ready to go in the game:

I do start with a nude base. I take the nude sprites from this site, which is an incredibly useful place and resource.  I could make something like that myself, but when something like it already exists and its great - why? Just make sure you credit people if you use stuff like that. That site has a policy on it - no commercial games. I need to doublecheck my credits section before my next release to make sure I'm getting everyone.

I usually don't use the auto-generator as it's pretty limited, and if I do I usually do some custom work. Someone more skilled than I am could probably do it pretty quickly and better. But I'm fairly okay with the outcome. I also got about half the sprite sheet for a Lamia character you'll get a sex scene with in the Monstergirl village as well.

So! Time for announcing what I'll make the $20 reward.

Soon I'll be setting up a kind of "beginner's hall" much like you saw in FFVI. I'm going to allow named cameos in it. Not custom sprites, because those take several hours each. But custom names for the tutorial characters (within reason). These can be of you or an OC. I don't really care so long as they won't cause copyright issues.

I could make custom sprites for people for a $50 reward - but then I go and look at that and I just shake my head. $50 for a single custom sprite and a name? It's the only way I can justify it timewise, but I don't think it's worth it for what you get. So I likely won't be doing that. Likewise for me doing custom pictures for people. A single full color picture is at least four hours of work for me, usually more. I'd rather work on the game. I'm also not a pro-artist. Give that business to the art team. They're awesome people that will like it. For now you can donate more than $20 if you want to, but I'm not going to put up any bonuses because I can't think of anything good enough.

Still - just going off of the current tiers I'm doing better than I ever imagined. Thank you all so much for your support - you make it possible for me to do more and more work every month!


  1. Fantastic to see you having such well deserved success on patreon!

  2. Glad to help, and I thoroughly enjoyed the game so far. Kinda would prefer to keep the non-spawning enemies because then I would never stop trying to kill things, but the reasons for bringing them in seem solid. So I'll try to survive somehow :P

    Question, do you get to go another round with the randy pirate captain or is that a one time deal?

    Nice to see that Audr is getting revamped, I actually found her lackluster compared to Skree in terms of archer strength.

    1. The pirate captain was a bonus scene. I was going to draw her, her art turned out pretty lackluster and Sleepymaid redrew her to help me figure out how to improve her. It was so much better that I just paid Sleepymaid to finish it out-of-pocket. It's pretty unlikely that there will be another sex scene with her.

    2. ah shame shes the best girl

      any chance it will be repeatable?

    3. also congrats on ur success its much deserved (sorry about double post)

  3. Congrats on reaching another goal :D

  4. Cypress, might consider taking offers for parts people want to see expanded/added on, within reason.

    Like say, 'If such and such is donated to this part, i'll commission art/writing for it'. There's some kinda shallow parts people do want to see more of.

  5. Is there going to be goblin girls in monster girl village? You got my hopes up with that goblin in the bar wanting to see the overlords dick.