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Monday, March 10, 2014

Overwhored Ver 0.4b Bug Fix Release, The Future of Funding, and How You Can Help The Overwhored Project!

The New Release:
Ladies and gentlemen, the new version of Overwhored is out. This fixes several bugs, notably the prison and toning down some of the jungle monsters.

The big changes aren't in this one; there will be another release in a month or two with those. I intend to rewrite several shorter sex scenes, add the monstergirl village, redesign several maps I've gotten feedback on, redo the Orb of Dominion, fix up the chapter skipping option, redesign monsters and character skills and much more.

Funding Goals Met:
I cannot express how thankful I am to you, the fans, that the funding goals for the project have been fully met. But things do not stop here.

Those goals were for art. With additional funds more things become possible - such as custom music and sound effects, payment for custom sprites, and so on.

That said right now I'm satisfied with the assets. I want to save up most of the money for two future games I already have the plot planned out for. An expansion to Overwhored called "Overwhored: Fall From Heaven", which will feature the Overmind's invasion of heaven, and "Overwhored Two", which will feature a different protagonist in a new story. The Overmind's first daughter is a character you will see sealed away inside the monstergirl village in this game.

I would also like to spend a small portion on advertising so more people can know about and enjoy Overwhored. 

I would eventually like to turn making H-Games into a commercial endeavor to help create an industry like Japan has in the western world. Overwhored is largely a testing ground for this. I didn't start with any particular expertise, and there IS no commercial market for adult games here. I partially want to use this project as a way to prove that I can make a game and build credibility, but also to build a team of creators so we can all have the necessary skills to make great and professional games.

I know I for one am tired of waiting for translations of Japanese games, dealing with companies that don't even want to sell to anyone else in the world, let alone listen to your feedback.

I'm obviously not alone; you; the fans of the Overwhored project, are from all over the world. Not just the US, Canada and the UK, but all over Europe and even in Russia. We all want more than we've been getting, and I want to see if I can start the industry we all want.

Overwhored itself is free and will remain free. You paid for it already with your donations; now the whole world can enjoy it.

Thank you.

But there's still a lot left to do.

How You Can Help:

If you have any skills which can go into helping the project, let me know! Part of building up a team now is finding people with skills to make something wonderful later. These positions are unpaid at the moment, but you'll get credit and if you do good work I'll retain you when I move on to commercial game projects. Here's some areas I'm looking for people with skills in:

Art: If you are a talented artist who is interested in getting into doing art for a game, contact me. But I'm not just looking for traditional art; if you are capable of making sprites from scratch or even simple recolors let me know. I can always use new, good sprites.

Music: The music I'm using right now is free stock music. If you can create music, contact me. I'd love custom music.

Sound Effects: I always need sound effects. Free sound effects often suck; stock sound effects occasionally cost $3-$4 for something as simple as the sound of a punch. That adds up. If you can make custom sound effects I want you on the team.

Mapping: 0nymous does a great job but I can always use another person to help out with maps. I don't touch them anymore myself if I can help it because I suck at mapping. More talented mappers will be very welcome.

Programming/Scripting: I want someone who can write custom scripts for RPG Maker VX or is at least talented at making the ones I've got play nice with each other. I am NOT a programmer and the headaches this has given me and the fandom are more numerous than the stars. Eventually I'd like to have someone create a custom program to allow work on a whole new platform altogether. RPG Maker is very limited and only works on Windows. I don't want to leave out Mac users any longer than I am forced to.

Advertising: This is a headache; there are currently no avenues beyond word of mouth that are effective at advertising adult games. I can do this but every day I spend working on this is a day I'm not writing for the game.

Finance: I'm not going to accept people I don't trust to handle project money (I'm not a naive idiot), but figuring out how to make credit card companies play nice with an h-game developer is a big freaking deal. It's half the trouble of making an adult game for commercial production in the first place. Once again, every day I spend working on this is time I am not working on the game.

Writing: I write Overwhored and I have an iron grip on the storyline, but I wouldn't mind assistant writers to help out with writing some filler and fluffing up some of the sex scenes so I can focus on the game itself. If I can trust you to write for me now I'll probably be able to trust you to write for me in future games; maybe even putting the team behind a script you write. Just keep in mind that this IS where I'm trained and this is the one area I'm going to be a perfectionist asshole. I demand good writing.

Translations: I currently have two translators; one working on a Spanish translation, one working on a German translation. I'd love to have a translator put the game in Japanese and one put the game in Russian. But honestly I don't care what language you speak. If it isn't English and you think you can do a decent job of translating then contact me. I want this game to go out to the whole world.

Teaching: This isn't strictly a position for the game per se. I don't just want to develop games in a vacuum; I want every amateur that can to take up designing adult games. The more of us there are the more we can enjoy and the easier it is for us to build a professional industry. So if you can do anything relevant and important to the development of adult games and want to give out some lessons and advice, I want you doing it. The more people know the better. Once I start being able to make these positions paid positions I'd like people who have had practice making their own games to hire from.

Data Hosting: NoMoshing of Harem Collector fame has done an excellent job hosting game data and freeing you from having to use the filesharing sites.

Anything Else: There's a lot of miscellaneous things I'm leaving out here. I'd like someone to do little detail work and 'busywork'. The boring, tedious stuff that needs doing and takes up a lot of time like attaching name tags to events. But if you have any skill you think can assist the project, contact me!

If you can do several of these things that's even better. Eventually I'd just want to run a team of skilled people and write because management and writing are what I enjoy doing.

If nothing else, write about the game on every forum, chan, subreddit or wherever else you can. I want people to know about and get to enjoy this game.

Thanks for being a fan, and I hope to welcome new members to the team soon. Enjoy this new release!


  1. That is quite the ambition you have there. I plan to stand by you as a loyal friend/fan, but I sadly have no notable skills that would help at present. I'm imaginative, but bad at presenting my ideas to others or placing them on paper. I look forward to seeing this go forward and maybe you and No Moshing can work together to form this adult industry into something great that people aren't disgusted by in public because they're douches who only care about their rep in front of others.

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  3. So so so happy to read this blog post.

    Can't agree more with you about how this industry MUST expand! (Or, should we say, start too exist!)

    I think the problem right now is having a marketplace. In my mind, what's really needed is a 'Steam' of adult games. PC gaming was dying until a nice centralized source was made, with easy purchases/downloading, etc.

    And this is what I hope for for this industry. It's really difficult finding out about adult games, and then finding out if they're any good.

    I've been hoping the folks at offbeatr would produce something like this. They have a 'marketplace', but it's not for games at the moment.

    If there was a nice central market, then monetization would be that much easier and would help things grow that much faster.

    I think I'm actually going to email the folks at offbeatr to suggest it; if others like the idea, do it too, so they can gauge interest.

    Another idea, monetization wise, would be bitcoins, of course. Lots of pros/cons, but it's definitely there, and I'm happy to see some hentai game artists adopting it.

    1. Having the same place be a marketplace for adult games and crowdfund them at the same time would be interesting.

      Speaking of which, 3 projects which sound interesting are PearlDymes, Mogi:Origins, and Opala. The first seems very ambitious, the second seems fun enough, and the last one is Opala.

  4. If you want to build a following of adult games, I suggest a separate page, listing adult games, along with a small review of the ones you have played.

    For example, the games I play are:

    Dungeons and Prisoners
    ashford acadamy
    Masculine Mystique
    Fall of Eden
    vitamin quest
    Otherworld (Daisy Strike's)
    CoC Prisoner
    Corruption Of Champions Game
    Conquest of Avindale
    Through Sophie's Eyes
    Sim Brothel 2
    AV King
    Despair Labyrinth
    Dungeon Assault
    Flexible Survival by Nuku
    Harem Collector
    Hentai Highschool
    Hentai Highschool 2
    Hentai Highschool REMAKE
    IAE Control
    Last Scenario
    Legend of Zelda: The Masquerade
    Loren Ipsun’s Hill House
    Lucky Survivor
    Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate
    Mission Brothel
    Monstergirl Rancher
    Mutant Minx Meltdown by Seldompie
    My Very Own Lith (YAOI)
    Nimin Fetish Fantasy (furry)
    Pornarium by TacoKing
    Project X: Love Potion Disaster
    Rico's Monster Girl Quest
    Seiren Harp
    Sex Worker Management
    Shining Radiance
    Shinobi Ryuu
    Sim Brothel
    SlaveMaker 3
    Starless Umbra
    Tales of the Drunken Cowboy
    the lilith device
    Trials of Taihra-Firanae (v8)
    Village of Nightmare
    Violated Heroine
    Wine and Roses
    Legend of Queen Opala

    It was on one of these kinds of pages that I found your terrific game.
    for space's sake, I left off the reviews, but there are far too few adult rpgs available, and I fully support the idea of a professional 'western' industry.

    1. Where is the page at with the reviews of these games. I ask because I have played and heard of many of the games on that list, but I wouldn't mind checking out the ones I haven't ever played or heard of.

    2. I've never made a blog before, but I'll try to make one to update this list.

      The reviews I mentioned were ones I've gathered from things other people have said on various sites. I'll include those, and maybe a column of my personal opinions on the games, so long as nobody takes them too seriously.

      Also, I was coming off a party, so I was buzzed, and REALLY tired. I am sorry if I sounded 'haughty', it wasn't my intent. There are also a few repeats and spelling errors. I'll see what I can do.

      I have the source urls for most of these.

    3. The AXISnumber5 name is actually my brothers, from now on, I will post under mine, Thorniestmaxed...

    4. Correction: that should show Thorniestmax, my online name, which for some reason, is not shown... anyways, I have started the blog, but I am an amateur, so don't polish and shine...

    5. Cool. I look forward to seeing your work.

  5. AXISnumber5 - That list deserves a Google doc with links and descriptions. Cross promotion is low in the non-Japanese adult game genre.

    1. That would be somewhat easy, actually. this list was copied out of my personal game list, Which I keep in an open office spreadsheet.

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    3. CORRECTION: The AXISnumber5 name is actually my brothers, from now on, I will post under mine, Thorniestmax... Which apparently shows my actual name on here. Go figure...

  6. When you start over at beginning and get to the point when you should get the blacksmith order you cant get it. Also for some reason the money to buy the orders wotn decrease even when you buy then

    1. The work orders only require you have a certain amount of moeny. The orders don't take money from you because of how the enemy system works atm.

  7. Worth mentioning that on any of those places where info on the game can be spread by "word of mouth", your enthusiastic and loyal fans should look for pre-existing topics/discussions and see if they can post in those, because random repetitive spam is going to cause more annoyance than positive response.

  8. HI CYPRESS!! I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS!! how are you? but first of all, i apologize for the english that i'm using, i'm italian and i forgot most of the english lesson that i learned (cheating a bit with google translate! XD) i've read that you're looking for some artist in addition to all other things,and i always wanted to contribute to the development of a videogame, and then here i am! i've just finished studying at the comics international school of florence, and i'm looking for some opportunities, i know this game for some time, and it's pretty awesome, but i didn't know you were looking for artists, so i decided to contact you via this blog. let me know if you're interested about my art skill, and if you want to see some of my drawings (i'm going to start a blog shortly!) unfortunately i don't have profiles for comment, that's why i'm anonymous, if you want, i can give you my email address for more detail and to see my work! bye! and keep on kicking asses with this game!!!

    1. Send me an e-mail. You can show me anything you like there!

  9. I for one will support your ambition. As a collage game design student i want to expand the game industry and even the adult section here in the western world to a large level that others can access. While i believe that twisted pure is right, we would need a centralized source for the games so that would make it easier to access the games and allow for new players and old ones to access the newer and older games at anytime. Hmmm i might take the time myself to see how much work it will take to make something similar to steam. If i get anything going I will let you all know.

    1. That would be awesome. Thank you for thinking about it.

    2. Awesome indeed!

      The way I could see it, it could be very very incremental, just starting with like a download service supporting bitcoin donations or something chill. And then as it gains traction, reviews, credit card donations, etc could all be added in.....

  10. I cant agree more with the idea that this industry needs to get started. I too have had the idea for like 3 games but i have no experitise other than design of the characters and the world map and locations. If you need help with design let me know i'd be more than happy to see what i could do for you. ^_^

  11. last version i played was 0.3 and was quite some time ago
    today i played 0.4b and i was like.....
    great improvements especially on the maps and details in 'em and that new mountain area in the beginning is nice

    now that the praise is done...
    here some things i noticed so far(just finished the first hero and got on the boat and saw how branda slayed the bandits in that oasis) and which should be taken care of:
    - for buying upgrades for the tower u need enough money but when u buy em the money doesnt get lower so u actually get the upgrades for free if u have enough money(the most expensive is 3k)
    - when u go down to the slave den where the orb is and u chose to "upgrade heal skill" it actually gets downgraded...
    the starter heal skill says to heal about 400 hp while the false "upgraded" only says to heal 250 hp

    nonetheless... keep up the great work^^
    cant wait to see the finished game =D


    1. Dammit, that's backwards. I'll fix all the skills in the next version.

    2. I wondered about that. i mean I'm not gonna lie... it was pretty handy. XD

  12. Well this has piqued my interest. I work with small businesses and i have a big interest in the construction/structure of sites and advertisement in online "society" and otherwise not so well known markets, to their target audience. I am currently studying economy and innovation, and have some knowledge in programming (although this isn't my biggest competence). I have for the last couple of years frequented several sites to find new games to play and i have always been of the opinion that there had to be a better way. I would very much like to help in this endeavour. Oh yeah, thanks for the release :)

  13. So, this game. I've been quite infatuated with it recently, but something just kinda bugged the hell out of me. Sorry if anything sounds angry in this comment, but it's because I lost 2 hours of play due to a problem in the Volcano. And I know that's my fault for not saving often, I'm not going to blame you or anyone else who works on the game for that. That's entirely my fault, and I accept it.

    But there NEEDS to be at least one of these things in the next patch.
    1: A way to buy supplies in the Dwarf town, before you go to fight Auldr (I -think- I spelled her name right. I might be completely off, though. Sorry if I am!)
    2: A full heal before said bossfight with Auldr.

    If you can't/don't want to do those, at least give a warning before you go into the fight, like you did with the other bosses. After buying all the upgraded equipement I could and selling what I didn't need anymore, I bought about 20 bottles of tears, 5 lust drafts to fuel Nanshe's magic, and 5 stimulants, just in case, back at the castle, and by the end of the volcano, all my supplies were exhausted (Which resulted in me literally being incapable of killing Auldr, not because of lack of preparation or lack of strategy, but because I was unfairly thrown into a fight without warning, when I got used to the game giving me said warnings before the boss fights. By the time I was able to see Auldr and go "I should save, RIGHT NOW.", Shiny Helmet was in the cutscene's range.) because the enemies do a crazy amount of damage if you don't have a Ruby Ring on, they are all resistant to physical damage when you're VERY likely to have wasted all your mana with Fire spells in the jungle, and seriously. The Jungle AND the Volcano back-to-back without any way to resupply, and not even a heal between them?

    I'm not sure if I missed something, but there was not a single way to heal back at Dwarfville McDwarf, at least not one that I found, and I'm pretty sure I checked the whole town. If I DID miss a way to heal, I'm terribly sorry.

    Despite this, I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the game. The characters, especially, since I haven't found a single character that hasn't made me laugh at least twice yet. (With the Overmind himself being my favorite so far. What little he does say is often so freaking blunt that I can't help but laugh. His freaking "HAHA." is contagious, man.) The difficulty is also pretty well paced, from what I've played. Except for the Volcano. I've already voiced my dislike for THAT difficulty spike enough in this post, though.

    1. I have to voice my agreement regarding the Jungle and Volcano. I like the stages as a whole, but I could not find anywhere to heal in the Jungle so I couldn't clear the maps in their entirety. Seeing goblin bedrooms, ruined cities, monstergirl villages I couldn't visit and an above-ground inn that were all closed was kind of a slap in the face too. Big difficulty spike, frankly, especially with all the status ailments the plants can throw around.

      I did find a teleportation symbol in the Dwarf village, and retreated to heal but I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to find a way back to the Jungle to finish it up. You're very close to the end though, if you can do that volcano again.

    2. ...You're telling me there was a fucking teleportation symbol in that place? I spent 20 minutes or so looking for a fucking item shop, but I didn't think ONE SECOND that there might be a teleportation back to the tower in there. ;-; I am the worst

      And, yeah, I have to kinda say that, for how hard they hit, there are WAY too many enemies in the Jungle. Especially compared to the, like, 10 groups of Magma Ants in the WHOLE volcano. The plants were the least of my worries, though. A good fire storm will kill most of them, especially if you follow it up with a Flame Grasp. Those fucking ants, though. THE FUCKING ANTS. They always survive with 10 hp or so after Nanshe's Firestorm, after which they proceed to Heavy Strike four times in a fucking row, and basically wipe out Nanshe in a single turn.

      And there are like, 70 groups of plants, 30 groups of ants, and 50 groups of goblins in that fucking place.

    3. difficulty is indeed WAY off once you get to the island. i've killed every enemy i've come across (except for the one sand worm you can't reach as you're leaving that under ground tunnel because the path on the side to get to him just kicks you out of the area), everyone is around level 12, the main people have the best equipment i can get up to that point, and i can't fight the enemies in the jungle because i don't have enough potions to heal against the damage they do.

      the little flower guys are fine but do a fair bit of damage. the beetles do a hell of a lot of damage but die in two hits so they're tough in that they require a lot of healing but they're not really a threat. the two kinds of giant plants have about 1k health each and enough health that i do ~~150 damage on a non crit hit or ~~450 with brenda's 5 use boob whack. the mimic must have 2k hp; i didn't even bother to fight him after i saw how little 150 damage took off his bar. they don't give proportionately more exp either. there isn't any place to heal in the jungle and i can't buy more items so i have to run around dodging guys trying to find my party. it's not the least bit interesting and feels like it wasn't play tested before being released.

      the area needs a place to rest and either a warning before going in, a shop, or dropped items; both for healing/mana and for equipment. i didn't bother to upgrade the three original girls since there's only one place to grind (i not sure you get that if you side with tasa either) and i didn't plan on using them because they're so bad. now though they don't do enough damage to go through the enemies' armour and take 150-300 damage from a normal attack of their 500 hp at level 12.

      if you want to have non attack, attack, attack combat that's fine but there needs to be some adjustment done because it goes from easy to avoid combat or die.

  14. i've some problem with the boat, for some reason i forgot to activate the portal in the desert city, so when i decided to return there, i was forced to take the boat, but the boat still in the desert city, i was blocked on the main island

  15. How does one contact you? Any Emails?

  16. just got to "Beerenberg"....
    u did SO DAMN WRONG with it >_>
    "Beere/Beeren" means "Berry/Berries" - NOT "BEAR"!!!
    "Bär/Bären" is "Bear/Bears"
    so u didnt name it "Bear Mountain" u named it "Berries Mountain".....
    im german so u can trust me in this matter.........

    btw... the fire magic skill of nanshe and one of the beginner slaves...
    its weaker than thunder and water(against normal enemies without weakness or resist) but its multi-target version costs 40 MP while "Spark"(multi-thunder) is only 10!!!!
    fire magic is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE on MP!
    was like hell on the island with the goblins and plants....
    only usefull skill way too expensive to use it in every fight with the plants......
    used up so many lust drafts >_>
    pls rebalance its costs!
    doesnt make sense if a skill which is weaker than most others is more expensive >_>



    It's referencing a mountain in Norway whose name means "Bear Mountain".

  18. ok then its a mountain in norway...
    norway sux...
    looked like german language so i translated it from the german words
    if u see it from my point of view(german view) it would rly mean "berries mountain" xD

    btw finished the current version's story...
    if u activate the teleporter in beerenberg or beat audr and get back into the tower...
    and than head to the harbor in sayda
    tha cap'n is still lazing around there
    and by talkin to her ya can start the ship journey again
    u'll land on the ship and automatically activate audr's attack event
    but the end of the event
    shortly b4 u get stranded
    u lose alls ur girls in ur team again
    but u dont land on the island
    the screen stays black
    only thing u can do is open menu and go to title

    u should insert a trigger that disables the cap'n after u've boarded her ship the first time

  19. Just a note on the game, am I missing something or is there no way to heal yourself/ resupply after Sayda? I am at the Volcano and have long since run out of mana/healing items, wondering if I just missed everything of if this is deliberate, because this is kind of ridiculous.

    1. if u r in the volcano u definitely missed it
      in the south part of the dwarfen city is a magic circle which u can activate to teleport to the tower

  20. Did anyone gotten this error..

    RGSS202E.dll is corrupted and to reinstall the programme?

    Tried reinstalling the rtp packages but still nothing... strange..

  21. Hey, I'm commenting because I'm stuck. I've just beaten Branda and put Tasa on the throne but now I can't seem to find the ship that I need to get to the dwarves. I've looked all over the place. Help?

    1. Nevermind, I figured it out. Also the jungle and volcano didn't seem that hard to me as long as you don't try to fight every enemy. Great game! Looking forward to updates.

  22. New version, cool; my saves don't work from beating Branda in .3....not so much.

  23. for a distribution market, the only place i can think of is dlsite if intrested
    only problem is that i'm not sure if they allow games in free
    but might be helpful for future games or as a different method of donations
    that being said, its still a largely japanese site, and they release too much tons of stuff at a time so you work might be buried too