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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Request For Aid

Hi All! I'm starting my work on connecting game developers and sending them invites to the irc. Eventually I'd like to start a forum dedicated to adult game design and not just piggyback on the HHS Forums.

What I need from YOU is a list of other developers websites. We're a scattered bunch. I want to find other amateur game devs and send them an invite to the irc.

Or if you know them personally (or are one) cut out the middleman!

The chatroom is:



Send me the links! I added my contact info at the top right of the screen since so many people were asking. Send all messages to THAT e-mail address.


  1. I will try and help, I love your game and would adore the chance to help other skilled H-Game makers and even normal devs find a proper home. I myself am a RPG maker player but lack a team, so instead, TIME FOR SEARCHING

  2. When the forum is up and a bunch of games have their threads started, are you going to contact Fenoxo about this? I believe your and NoMoshing's games are definitely good enough to warrant a shout-out (prepare for emergency though, Fen's traffic is such that his shout-outs have been known to crash the advertised sites at times =)).

    1. Why would he do that?
      Don't get me wrong but Fen takes care of Fen and unless he can turn a buck from your project - chances are that he'll just ignore it or at least put up a courtesy link to your site and leave it at that.


  3. I dont know if we are allow to post links but is a forum on hongfire where the person has made a list of free english rpgmaker games. The list has a lot of Devblog links (its how I found out about your game) (^_^)

  4. Good to know you live on.