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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quick Game Plug

I'm going to do an actual status update tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment to plug this game:


You know, there's something I really value in my porn. Much like I value in everything in my life; surreal experiences and weirdness.

This is an adult platformer filled with a lot of that, and it's best that I don't say too much. The sex scenes aren't too gratuitous, but honestly I just like it as a game.

Mind that unlike Overwhored this IS a commercial game, but you can still try out the demo for free, which is enough to help you decide if it's an experience you'd care for.

By this point I'm a pretty jaded guy. I tend to view a lot of games that go weird or dark as 'edgy' 90's nonsense. But this triggers... none of my natural cynicism. It's just a fun game, and that's a grand experience.

I should probably go through and give a solid plug to a lot of different games that I like; that may be this week's mid-week update.

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