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Monday, September 9, 2013

Work Resumes!

You know what I like? Working on my game.

You know what I hate? Not being able to work on my game.

Fortunately, as of last Monday I've returned to work on the project. Real life concerns are still real life and concerns, but I'm forcing them to take a backseat to the extent that I can.

To show you what has been done and what still needs doing, I've compiled this list. This way you'll know exactly what will needs to be done.

At the end, I'll have a small project you all can help with!

What's Been Done:

 - Practically every map in the game has been remade or retweaked. There's about 100 maps at this point; this was not a small undertaking. The project mapper 0nymous needs lots of thanks for all the hard work for this and several other things.

(Addendum to the above - two versions of the new tower are complete, one ruined, one restored. It's a spectacular piece of work.)

-Dungeons I'd always intended to add but didn't add due to time and the fact that I flat-out loathe mapping were added! The Mountains are now a dungeon between the starting village and burned village, and the Smuggler's Tunnel between Sayda and the Bandit Camp has been added. Both are short, simple dungeons.

-Monsters have been added to the smuggler's tunnel.

-New animations have been made for combat.

- A huge amount of fluff has been added to the first village and burned village. The starting village is now named Wardhaven. (Subject to change) Additionally, it is now possible to choose whether or not you kill people in the first village or let them live. There are benefits to both decisions.

-To reflect the increased size of several locations, new NPC's have been added to places such as Sayda and the Bandit Camp, as well as other places. They're now far more alive than they were before.

-Several new monsters have been added to existing locations

-Many old events redone (due to the new maps)

-Lots and lots of new books added to bookshelves with unique things to say; my goal is to fill every bookshelf with something to read. A small short story was completed to be scattered amongst bookshelves across the world.

-Artists have completed many new pictures

What Needs To Be Done:

1: The servant quarters in the new tower have not been constructed yet (For maids and non-battle characters)

2: Sayda's maps need a bit of touching up to finish, but are largely done.

3: All event pathing needs rechecked

4: Adding monsters to the mountain pass and rebalancing monsters. As it is, combat takes a bit too long.

5: Story events for Sayda going to the dwarven city; story events on the new continent.

6: The following maps still need work:
Raided Village (Not started)
Tunnels Dungeon (Needs Monsters)
Tropical Island (In Progress)
Golem Fort (Small map; not started)
Dwarf City Beerenberg (Not started; about a dozen NPCs done)
Hidden Monstergirl Village: (Not Started)
Audr's Volcano Olavtoppen (Not Started)
Ship: Complete (story work pending)

7: Full rework of characters powers/skills and stats needed (may not get done in this version)

8: Careful detailing of Audr's History/Personality

And probably one or two things I'm forgetting. I say this every time, but this is by far the biggest release yet, especially because almost the entire game has been remade.

 The heroine for the next chapter will be the Dwarven heroine Audr. She is the heroine of Charity.

This is where you can help.

I already know who Audr is, and just what it means that she's the corrupted heroine of Charity.

What I need are details to let me figure out how to best present her.

I need you to give me examples of backhanded charity, backhanded insults, and the craziest of crazy tumblr social justice bloggers. As in; people who think they're doing good, but are actually just dickishly insulting everyone or holding everyone back. Not just people you disagree with, but actual examples of backhanded behavior.

I have examples of this, but I want you to try to find or come up with your own. The more examples you find, the more interesting the end product will be.

Additionally, I need details on Norwegian culture. The dwarves are based on Norway. I don't just want typical dwarf stereotypes. I'll figure this out sooner or later myself, but easier, faster, and better with the aid of actual Norwegians.

Audr is the heroine of this chapter; she's what everything will revolve around. Thanks in advance for your help.

One last thing for those of you patient enough to have read to the end.

For those of you eager to see the Melita/Tasa sex scenes, HombreBlanco has completed one of the images!

Princess Melita has the first scene, the next will be Tasa, and then a sex scene with both of them. Thanks again everyone.


  1. well, just some ideas of backhanded charity, could be:

    The belief that those you are helping can not do anything without your help
    "You worthless cretins, don't you realize that without my generous and merciful help, you would be nothing, nothing, do you hear me, without me you are nothing, just die ungrateful scum."

    Taking a large share of the goods set aside or donated by others to live your own lavish lifestyle, after all if they see your good fortune it will inspire them to better themselves.
    "I am Audr, your goddess of charity, look at all I have done for you, don't you know I deserve this, and realize that through my greatness you shall become great too."

    You could also go by the fact she worships, Baldur, the Norse god of love and light, perhaps claiming by her good deeds she shall become his wife, the wife of a god for defeating the demon overlord.
    "You fiend, I am pure and blessed in the light of the great lord god Baldur, and for him I shall remain pure."

    I hope this is a little help, and thank you for the game so far I have loved it.

    1. Good ideas, they follow along the path that I had been treading.

      On the 'gods' note however, I will mention that the Goddess is the only god in the world of Overwhored.

    2. Not entirely sure, but I suspect that the first example you give is sort of in line with standard megalomania.

      Then again we could probably argue circles around what actually constitutes corrupted charity. I personally don't think the self- aggrandizement/delusion part is necessarily part of corrupted charity, but I expect it could be if you wanted to argue that or go that route. Personally I think it may be more compelling if it isn't, but probably harder to write.

      Mother Teresa may be a good example - Actively believing that being poor is somehow noble and promoting deeply misguided policies and horrible conditions while stashing away money (not for her own use, but that others were happy to use).

    3. I'm looking for examples of a specific type.

      I will add one addendum: this is her major flaw. She isn't greedy, self aggrandizing or anything like that. It's important that she honestly believe she's being charitable. Her evil in this case is that her charity is more backhanded and harmful than she realizes. Giving not because she cares about people, but because she THINKS she cares about people.

      It's a fine distinction, which is why I'm asking for examples to help me refine my concepts and writing.

  2. Hmmm... I suppose we could make like what C. S. Lewis calls the difference between "charity" and "unselfishness."

    He says, culturally, men try to be "unselfish" by reducing the burden they put onto others, while women tend to be "unselfish" by taking the burdens of others onto themselves. Thus, the two genders are estranged, so women think all men are lazy bums and men think all women are shrewish nags.

    Not really applicable for her, per se, but maybe for whatever dystopian culture she ended up creating.

    As for "backhanded charity"... Hmmm.

    ...This has dangerous potential to that most trecherous of friendship-ruining poisons: politics. I'll try to be fair.

    Rambling about "parasites" isn't really backhanded charity, in my opinion. On the other hand, constructing an all-powerful nanny state, one that doles out to its citizens like the Peoples Republic of Haven, whose leaders, like the Havenites, hate and resent the masses even as they pay through the nose to keep them buoyed up... Might work. Like, "What do you want me to do? Let these people starve? There *must* be some sort of basic living provided for them!"

    ...Nuts. Too close to actual politics.

    Square one. Hmmm... I don't like to get mad at people who get sincerely offended. Lord knows, *I* have publicly declared that the creators of High School of the Dead need to die in a car fire for being a pair of racist whatever-the-Japanese-equivalent-of-neo-Nazis-is. The freedom to be offended is just as important as the freedom to offend.

    Once had a Canadian teacher explain the Canadian view of government regulation of "hate speech," while I explained the American view that any speech, even and especially "hate speech" you disagree with is ultimately an infringement if it doesn't directly hurt anyone. Perhaps she could take that way out to its absurdist extremes, censoring everyone left and right for the slightest insults to one another, so that no one will dare say who knocked over a glass of water for fear of punishment?

    Daggome it! All the examples I can think of boil down to government overreach, which in turn boils down to political positions, and everyone will be arguing about what we don't want them to argue about.

    ...Heh. Would be funny if there's a politically-correct term for "slave" or "Overlord" that a soldier gets dragged off by the Word Police for not using when you attack.

    1. Any topic of discussion provided two criteria are met:

      1: You are polite

      2: It is reasoned discussion

      Impolite discussion or discussion not based on reason and measured response will get deleted.

      I dislike rude people a lot, so right or wrong those posts go. (Note: I don't consider criticism of me to be rude. I like that. I consider being rude to be rude.) Secondly, there is no topic which is taboo provided it's logically debated by people who are actually there to engage in debate, rather than scream like spider monkeys and fling unfortunate substances about.

      Particularly with a potentially volatile subject such as this, it is important to follow these two rules. Flame wars will quietly disappear.

    2. Hmmm... In that case, how about a communist? Not a hypocritical one gaming the system for power, like old, fat, decadent Mao with the bad teeth and the one-virgin-a-day habit. More like young, sexy, "Now we are one China!" Mao from before he went nuts.

      She is always pushing for this that or the other big social project, and the people worship the ground she walks on so she gets away with whatever she suggests. However, the more-technocratic elements of society are not allowed to voice their concerns in organizing these programs, since she distrusts the motives of the "penny-pinching old miser-men of the guild families," even when their advice isn't rooted in their dislike of her, personally.

      So when she tries to, say, collectivize the underground mushroom farms, or move away from the old dwarf/Norwegian guild systems towards larger concentrations of labor, she does so with the genuine best intention of helping the common people. She pulls her weight, clocks in her shifts at the ironworks, is there in the fields fluffing up the plump helmet mushrooms just like everyone else even when the publicity machine isn't working. No one can say she isn't walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

      But her plans were flawed from the very start, and people are starving and dying as great economic damage is done to the dwarfish economy in the name of the working class.

  3. Having charities where 90% of the money that goes into them gets taken up paying the employee's or advertising for said charity (far too common a practice which is why I always research my charities. The possibilities for this one are endless and she could even have multiple charities that all keep the majority of the money for "necessary wages.").

    Having an activist group that actively intimidates and threatens other groups to protect their "liberties." (Almost any large activist group eventually becomes one of these, even the "good" one's. For instance, "You want to kick me out just because I just called you a whore? Fine, I'll be sure to tell the NAOLP how you don't like Dwarves! You'll be out of a job within a week!")

    An organization that preaches about a doomsday that everyone must do something horrible to prevent but offer no concrete evidence while making it appear that they have. The real example is politically charged, so instead I'll use a fake example. (Give up all sex or the sea gods will become upset and raise the water level 20 meters! Of course I have proof, I threw some chicken bones at the wall and divined what would happen!)

    Making very misleading studies that can be used to "prove" almost anything. (For examples of this, just look at almost any study financed by any political party, she could "prove" that she was the most loved leader in history by having an "open" poll, hidden in a deep mine reachable only by dwarves, where the options are her, a piece of lint, the Overlord, and their version of Hitler)

    Giving people food so they don't starve, but imposing rules on how they can farm or earn their wages so that they can't compete with your farms and drag themselves out of the existence they're in. (Africa and the restrictions imposed on them in exchange for their "aid." She could give people some land, then tell them that they have to do all the work by hand to "maintain the balance with nature.")

    Building a Dam to help power a city, however building it using your corrupt contractors and screwing it up so bad that the river overflows and destroys large swathes of previously dry land and turning previously fertile land into poor farming land by removing the annual floods. (Russia and Egypt, anytime where she builds something to "help" another nation using national funds but redirecting the offers to her businesses and then doing a half assed job would work. Having all the government built buildings for the people falling apart throughout the entire city would definitely work for this)

  4. [quote]
    Square one. Hmmm... I don't like to get mad at people who get sincerely offended. Lord knows, *I* have publicly declared that the creators of High School of the Dead need to die in a car fire for being a pair of racist whatever-the-Japanese-equivalent-of-neo-Nazis-is. The freedom to be offended is just as important as the freedom to offend.[/quote]

    I'm genuinely curious what makes HSoTD any worse than all the other crap I see on a regular basis out of the Japanese media. I've seen some genuinely good stuff, but there is so much garbage it's hard to sift.

    Anyways, back on topic:

    Charity comes in several forms:
    1. Public (government)
    2. Private - organizations (churches, charitable organizations, NGOs)
    3. Private - individuals (philanthropy, crowdfunded projects, time/money donations to organizations, personal assistance)

    Examples of public charity:
    Unemployment support, wealth redistribution, public healthcare, food stamps (other low-income assistance programs), childcare support etc.

    Corrupt versions would be for example: Unemployment support where you have to work on a chain gang or cleaning public facilities to receive the support (less money than someone paid to do the job would receive). Food support where you have to go to a soup kitchen and be indoctrinated/sign away rights /give up your children for adoption to receive food. Childcare allowance given, but one child is taken away for public service (Jannisaries, military prostitutes, etc.). State run child related agencies that take children away 'for their own good' and put them in ideologically appropriate homes or state run creches/military boot camps etc.

    There is more force available behind state charity so the 'price' can be much higher than with private charity.

    Examples of Private Charity - Organized:
    Soup kitchens, outreach medicine (think Doctors without Borders or one of the American medical charities that works inside the US), shelters (womens/homeless/foster homes), school scholarships, needle/condom supply to drug users and prostitutes, helplines (suicide/depression etc), home building (ex. habitat for humanity), low-interest loans (micro-finance), basic sustenance support (project heifer).

    I think all of these would work the same in their corrupt forms, but instead of there being a respect for personal dignity and freely offered aid. The aid would be offered, but there would be some dignity stripping or cultural taboo associated with the aid. Say naming and shaming, help only given in return for political support/favors owed (classical roman political charity model), help only given in return for
    compliance with draconian rules etc.

    There is a whole level of misguided charity: Medieval doctors more likely to kill than to help you, the Mother Teresa example I gave above, 'help' given that isn't needed, but I'm not sure those qualify as appropriately corrupt.

    Anyways, that's all I can think of at the moment.

  5. My version of backanded charity:

    Equality and the good of the community is all Audr can think about. Ever.

    Outside, she is the selfless and kind heroine who love to help other.
    However, inside, she is a twisted, cruel and manipulative woman.
    She used her power and fame as the heroine of charity to brainwashed the poor into a fearless, mindless, devoting army while manipulating the business and commerce of the kingdom to keep the people to continue to depend on her and keeping the status quo.
    Again anyone who she deemed as dangerous thread to her ideal world she is not hestitate to employ any possible method such as bribery and assasination to quickly eliminate such thread and silence the civilization.

  6. I have two things to put forth for thought, first is regarding the first village. You said that we will be given the ability to choose whether or not the people die or live and that certain benefits will be given, which made me think if there are benefits then wouldn't there be consequences. So, I'm wondering what those consequences are?

    Two, regarding the as you called it "backhanded charity" has the golem army been considered in any way? With the golems she has her own private workforce that she can give out to people to help them with their work or chores, but most of the time golems aren't very intelligent so while she thinks the golems are helpful they are actually unable to do simple or even complicated tasks, and since noone wants to make her angry and call the wrath of her and her golems they let her do what she wants. All in all I think the golems could be used in someway that she believes in helpful, but is instead very hurtful.

    1. The golems are a different heroine. The fort is a block between the two heroine areas you'll have to find a way around.

      Audr commands the Goblins.

    2. I think the idea still works if you replace Golems with Goblins (they even both begin with the same letter). Audr sees the Goblins as a poor, oppressed minority in desperate need of her help. So she works with them, she spends time with them, she educates them. She truely believes she's helping to become better people, and to help others.

      Meanwhile, the Goblins are running around behind her back, stealing and raping and vandilizing the nearby town. They've also been slowly corrupting her to believe that this is just normal Goblin behaviour or something, so that whenever anyone complains, Audr thinks they're just trying to repress the 'poor creatures'.

    3. Its kind of funny I almost put down goblins instead of golems and had to correct myself. I've played a good number of games and read a few books and the classic relationship of friendship or mortal enemies between dwarves and goblins showed through until I remembered reading the part about the golem fort.

  7. Hey Cypress,

    Given some of the posts I've seen on this game, your heroines personify a virtue taken to the extreme to become an evil.

    Given that a backhanded charity may simply be your heroine giving enough to everyone in the community to eek by, but it has to come from somewhere. So she takes it from everyone who is still silly enough to work. This drives the behavior of laziness and discontent in the population of normally very hard working dwarves. When all their profits and income is taken and given to everyone not working more and more dwarves stop working, and many turn to drink to fill the gap of time and fulfillment in their lives.

    This of course would look to your heroine like pure laziness and an unwillingness to help - which will embitter her more every passing day. As she grows to resent the very people she is "helping" she enacts harsher and harsher edicts. Work houses may even be formed where the criminally lazy are given a house over their heads and a meal in exchange for their forced efforts to help their common dwarf.

    Well this is all I have at the moment but if I get some time to remember some specific backhanded comments I've encountered.

    Hmmm looking again at the previous comments it doesn't look like this idea is all that unique, but maybe a close repeat of another idea will reinforce it as a common perception on the topic.

    Anyway best luck. Your game is one of my favorite RPGmaker games still being actively developed.


  8. To me one of the main problems with the current social justice-sphere seems to be the inflationary use of terms such as 'racism', 'sexism', 'ageism', etc., as those terms then tend to lose all meaning when actual cases of racism, sexism, ageism, etc. are concerned.

    Additionally the extremely liberal use of such terms seems to stifle meaningful conversation about race, gender, or similar issues. As a result semantics become more important than addressing the actual problems certain races, genders, or minority groups face. And I suspect that such an approach to social justice thus in fact makes it more difficult rather than easier to improve the real life situation of those groups.

    From what you write, I suppose such dynamics could be implemented in-game in regards to dwarf-goblin relations. Although it probably wouldn't be a task I envy you for. Definitely interested in what you come up with, though, and I'll make sure to read the other heroines dialogue more carefully on my next playthrough as you seem to put way more thought into them than I would have imagined.

  9. Hey, when you're filling in the bookshelf events, try not to make them too long. Despair Labyrinth had really looooong ass books iirc, and I never ended up reading most of them. Just my suggestion though.

    1. No worries. Most are only one or two lines; a few are about four max. All are optional.

      A game isn't a novel, and believe me - going on too long in the reading segments annoys the hell out of me too.

  10. Hello Cypress

    I'm not shure if this will help but here is a link with the norse mythology about dwarfs:

    It may take a bit to open
    I hope it helps you :)

  11. For someone who believes himself an inferior artist to those you've commissioned. I have to say you draw as good if not better (probably a lot better actually, haven't played game in a while-waiting for larger update) than that HombreBlanco guy and it is a shame you actually paid him his ridiculous prices considering the quality of his work is sub-par.

    1. I appreciate your compliment. However, I am definitely not as good as Hombre Blanco. Especially in color. I really struggle with making halfway decent pics, and I simply cannot do pictures even halfway approaching decent quality without references. My anatomy is poor, my understanding of 3d shading is practically nonexistent, my capabilities with color theory and contrast are nil, and my compositions are amateurish and dumb.

      I would LIKE to be as good as some of my artists are someday, but I am nowhere near their level right now.

      Plus HB is extremely reliable and easy to work with and is actually rather inexpensive as far as artists go. There's a lot of reasons I work with the guy.

    2. Well my biggest complaint about HB is that he needs to work on his faces. He draws them too masculine, need more femininity.

    3. There are areas he can improve, yes.

      Since you like my art, here's something I sketched up earlier and will probably never finish:

      Gunsmith Cats fanart:

  12. I am wondering what virtues will be used for all the heroines, if they will be the Christan theological virtues, the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path or the more philosophical virtues- Platonic,Stoic, or a Confucianism slant.

    1. The heroines are based on corrupted versions of the Seven Heavenly Virtues of Catholic theology, in contrast to the seven deadly sins of the game Overlord. This game IS still a parody of that one, after all!

      The Eightfold path is a fun thing, but I'm not sure how you could corrupt it, since it mostly boils down to a series of commandments to have self control and not be a jerk. It might be fun to use if I ever do an Overwhored 2, though.

      On philosophy... whenever I discuss that with friends it becomes quickly apparent I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about with philosophy. So either I need to go read a lot of books or just leave it.

  13. I don't think there's a diffrence between stereothypical dwarfs and the one in norwegian culture. they are quite similiar.
    strong, short, skilled craftsmen. not only at metal work but other stuff too. They live in mountains. as far I know the only diffrence is that in nordic mythology they did work for gods.
    now something that might not intrest you, names. vikings did not have last names. rather their last name was the name of same gender parent, so a man named Ask with a Father named Petter would be Ask Petterson (the son at the end since ask is petter's son) a woman would be perhaps Marie Hustriddatter ( datter in this cause meaning daugther). this naming system still exist in Island today. but famous person from this age are usually known by a moniker. Harald FairHair the first king of norway, his moniker fair hair comes from that he would not cut his hair until he conquered norway, or so the legend goes.
    harald blodøks ( Harald Bloodaxe) got the bloodaxe part I believe beacuse he killed his siblings.

    as for backhanded charity, and something that would fit in this case. Is that the Dwarf heroine has taken all the weapons/materials. offcourse that's only beacuse she is the only one who can maximy the potential of the material. and improve the weapons.

    i'm sorry if it's badly written. i'm dyslextic.
    hope this helps.

    1. more culture. Runes are letters in the runic alfabeth. the alfabeth use'd by vikings pre- christanity. the letters are straight as it was easier as they were itched into stone and wood in the beginnining and thus creating curved letters was a pain. it's also often associated with magic and that the aesgir ( gods) could use the runic letters to create magical effects.

      as for the gods. the Aesgir are semi immortal beings. they are powerfull, but they can be killed or die of old age. but to avoid dying of old age every 20 year all adults would eat golden appeles that would let their bodies stay in their prime for another 20 years.

      there is basically 2 afterlifes. you either die in battle and go to valhalla. where you would drink and eat every night, go fight jotuns when it's day, and be revived if you died by the end of the day until ragnarok ( the final battle)
      the other was if you died of old age or deasie you would go to a realm ruled by "hel" basically not the place you wanted to go if you we're a warrior.

      in old textures vikings are described as brave and not fearing death.

      as for reality we know that they were raiders. we're not afraid of other gods ( they even raided church, a big no no in other raider groups). skilled navigators and exellent boat craftsmen. (if you've ever seen a viking boat you will wonder how something so small could get them over the sea)

      lastly. it was also believed that the kings were descedants of odin ( chief aesgir).

      got any more questions about nordic culture?

    2. I don't think there's a diffrence between stereothypical dwarfs and the one in norwegian culture. they are quite similiar.

      No. They are different. Stereotypical dwarves (Tolkien) are the norse and germanic myth dwarves married with the Jews of the middle ages (dispossed makers of fine crafts from a bloody warlike tradition). More modern (D&D and similar) versions add a dash of hard drinking highlander scots.

      Myth dwarves (as per the Eddas) have a set of character traits (avarice, crafting ability, magic, sexual hunger for nubile godesses) and mostly fulfill whatever role the story needs them to have, but they have no 'culture' - which is why Tolkien needed to add one.

      Folktale dwarves are different again to a degree (depending on which tales you include and what class of beings you decide are dwarves), but I don't have the energy to go do the research to ensure I get the details right at the moment. My apologies.

      As a complete aside: Norse culture is not the same as Norwegian and/or culture. They are in fact exactly as related as the Manhattan Indian settlements on Manhattan, pre-Manhattan purchase, and downtown New York of 2013. They are urban centers that exist in the same geographical location. Norse culture existed in Norway some time prior to 1349, Norwegian culture exists in Norway as of 2013. If you want to find a culture similar to Norse culture, you may want to look among the Pashtuns of Afghanistan/Pakistan. You'd have to swap the monotheism for norse polytheism, but other than that you'd certainly be closer to Norse culture than current Norwegian culture.

      I'll see if I can think of some more backhanded charity, but other people are bringing up some cool stuff, so it looks like I can leave that be.

    3. yup you're correct :)

      however I tought today culture would be irrelevent as overwhore is a game set in a more medival world. so the current culture would not really be relevant. so I believed the old norse culture would be what he searched for. as culture between 1349-1814 is not something I have a large knowledge about

    4. I'm looking more for modern Norwegians. Overwhored is more in the late renaissance era than anything else, lack of guns aside. And I may include some of that later.

      Now the Finns, of course, will be old style Finnish. But they're at least two heroines away.

    5. :/ well that's quite a bit harder. you see due to a long alliance with denmark ( where norway was the weaker part). from around 1400 to 1700 danish was used in all offical ducuments, and thaugt at school. so that time period is actually more danish culture.
      anyways during the romanticism due to the lack of our own culture, (atleast according to the books.) writers, painters and musicians tried to create a identity for norway. they tried to create influental works that would make more people aware of norway, thus creating a norwegian culutral "identity".

    6. I'll default more toward modern Norwegian culture in that case; people actually live in and can sympathize with it.

      Also one of my favorite fictional characters is Norwegian.

  14. I am glad you seemed to like my earlier post and do hope it helps, I have had some other ideas, though they might be in a slightly different direction.

    What if instead of her being the one totally corrupted, those she is surrounded by and trusts are corrupt. Say a group of advisers as she had been forced to lose those with the common people of her land by her duties. She would trust these advisers to tell her of the people's needs, and attempt to use her abilities to fill that need. Even if it only ends up helping her advisers and their schemes.

    This way you could have the Overlord reveal the truth about those she had complete trust in one by one. We could also see the effect and downward spiral of Audr, as all she had as support and believed in as doing good is stripped away.

    The final battle would then be with an Audr who has lost all hope for the world and it's people, and unleashes a goblin juggernaut or perhaps something say a serpent or a wolf that is bent on destroying the entire world and all those who inhabit it as they are all corrupt.

    So the Overlord would in this case be the one to save the world and all of it's people, even though no one will ever realize or credit him for it. And in conquering Audr, and taking her, he will give her new hope and a reason to continue to live and serve him. Hope that as she says "Even in the darkest hearts the light of the goddess shines and gives hope to all."

    I would also love to personally see if she is allowed to keep her advisers who betrayed her, and the individual tortures she would inflict on them in a special area she is allowed in the Overlord's castle.

  15. backhanded charity.

    There is an example in one of the "sword of truth" books. It's a take on socialism gone horribly wrong reminiscent of one of the previous examples. Workers pay 100% tax to support those less fortunate that can't get a jobb. In order to survive they get the same charity as those that can't work (for which they should be thankful, mind you).
    In addition all transactions are to be revieved for fairnes, not only in regards to the parties involved but in regard to others who offer the same service, can't have people undercutting each other. All in the name of fairness and equality. Ofcourse the result is a fearful population, hunger due to not much food being produced, industry that is all but halted, and every one is looking for a handout.

    this is what i remeber anyway been a while since i read it.

    And the kicker is the ones who did this realy thought they did somethig good and couldn't grasp why everything deteriated around them.


    For serious, though, this is a bit tricky. There are lots of political cans-o-worms you probably don't want to open. But there's also lots of cool things to draw on in history.

    The Khmer Rouge wanted to wipe out the intellectuals and restart society from scratch. What if Audr has a dream of a new society founded on people caring for each other, where every person is guaranteed food and a place to sleep? She has lost faith in the current social order, and wants to wipe out higher education and arts so that people don't have anything abstract to do with their time. "Why study physics when you could be growing food?"

    Valuable art and useful tools taken and melted down, teachers killed for infecting the next generation with "selfish memes", and children confiscated from families to be raised in "wholesome creches"

    Or maybe Audr is simply using her private army to confiscate stuff left and right, sending the other heroines money and supplies to support them because she doesn't trust anyone else.

  17. When I'm thinking of corrupted charity, one of the first things that comes to my mind is Robin Hood. With charity, you are giving freely of yourself to the less fortunate. So wouldn't a corrupted version of charity entail forcing others to do the same? Now killing the rich to give to the poor would be in a poor taste, and not very heroic at all. At least the way necromancy was being used could technically still be called heroic. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor...maybe roughing up the rich in the process, that seems a lot more heroic, yet still a darker means to do a good deed.

    I know that in all likelihood, the original figure to take on the mantle of Robin Hood probably killed the rich in an attempt to take vengeance for some personal grievance, and just left the loot behind, more than likely nearby villages that those same nobles had just taken taxes from, giving the image of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor that we are all taught was synonymous with Robin Hood from an early age. It does still stand to my, probably misguided, reasoning that this might count, however.

  18. "Of course I'm helping you. You need this. Beer makes you lose control, and when you lose control, you might hurt someone. You can't drink!"

    "Of course I'm helping you. You need this. If you keep on staring at books all day instead of getting into the fresh air, you'll hurt your eyesight and you won't be able to see. You can't have books!"

    "Of course I'm helping you..."

  19. I am a dane, so i know quite a bit about norwegians(they are very much like us).
    Their general demeanor to each other is quite relaxed and polite, usually they don't talk too much to people they don't know(but they are still polite) and generally you have people in rather tight knit groups.

  20. I have thought of two ways Audr could be portrayed as a 'benevolent dictator'.

    First of all, with her being a dwarf, it becomes logical to assume she lives underground. Obviously, expanding a city while underground is a massive and costly undertaking -in time, effort, resources and people. That would mean that dwarves, while individuals, could have more of a 'communistic' mentality. A way of thought that 'the greater good of the people is the greater good of the individual', a 'community above all'. In Audr's case, she could take it a dozen steps further. She could consider that no one possesses anything, instead, it all belongs to the community. Everything you own, house, clothes, food, tools, are not yours, but your community's. Therefore, for the greater good of everyone, there should be as little waste as possible. This way, Audr could live a really ascetic lifestyle, taking only what she absolutely needs and donating what she doesn't. Problem is, she expects, and demands, that everyone do the same. It doesn't matter that you have an emotional attachment to your dog. It would better serve the community by having it guard someone else's sheep. It doesn't matter that you're sick, you still must go and help the community. And if you can't pull your weight, if you can't perform as well as Audr believes you should? Too bad. Shape up, or step down. The Greater Good of the Community is more important than individual desires, right? Sacrifice one for the many. Or sacrifice ten. Or a hundred. Or...

    The other way is something I remember from an old PC game. In it, the character's mentor warned the character of the consequences of being way too 'benevolent'. If you were to give money to a homeless beggar... what do you think would happen? If you found a starving farmer and gave him supplies, a horse and money to survive, what would happen? In this case, by being kind, she brings disaster to those around her. But she still believes she's doing the right thing.

    Or, another way I just thought up would be putting way too much trust in people. Think... Naruto, the anime, if you've seen it. Or a couple fan-fiction stories; she finds someone who does something that SHE might not agree with (say, indentured servitude) and beats him, arrests him and returns all 'indentured servants' where they came from, without hearing whether they'd be safe there or not. An utter 'Paladin' sort of way; for the Law is the Shield of the People and her will is the Hammer that strikes down Evil. Or something like that.

  21. Or go the easy route, charity is good yes, thus bankrupting the nation in the name of charity must be realy good.

    Unrestricted charity makes people complacent, why work when can get stuff for free.

    Fast forward a while where the people have squandered the money given, neglected there buissneses and fields.

    You have people demanding alms that they are used to getting, some are still making food due to not being as short sighted, but they get raided by the hungry masses.

    Food riots where those supposed to quelm them instead are part of them due to the state coffers being drained dry.

  22. I'd say PETA is a prime example of crazy "justice".

  23. First off, love the game so far, glad to hear it's back on track :).

    Now if you're going to base your dwarfs on current day Norwegian culture you're in for a bit of disappointment as we're really quite similar to most other western European countries these days. I only ask that you don't use a couple of horribly incorrect clichés; we're no more blonde than anyone else as the genes for blonde hair is as recessive here as anywhere else in the world and if for some reason you get the idea of using "viking helmets", please do realize that not a single one of them ever had horns, that's a US media invention.

    Oh and if you end up using "Norwegian" names on NPCs please use accurate ones rather than English versions ones... Tor rather than Thor for instance (pronounciation isn't even remotely similar)... I can't remember how long I spent trying to find a King "Canute" in any Norwegian/Norse history after playing Civilization. "Knut" on the other hand though...

    Looking forward to the next update!

  24. For the social justice thing, you may want to take a look at these blogs here:

    You could look at the notes on the posts to find even more material if you want. Good luck!

  25. Alternately, one thing that I've noticed with RPG's is they don't seem to understand just how stupidly rich their main characters become by the end of the game. They're buying weapons with enough gold that they could have bought an entire town! Imagine what would happen to an economy if one of these heroines came to the town to do great good deeds! It would be a horrific event unlike any other.

    1. She see's great social injustice so she starts investing in charities, unfortunately since she just became the biggest source of income in the city several greedy charities come to life exploiting her. She's not stupid so she decides to start her own charity.

    2. Instead of building building's that could use corrupted contractors, she decides to take a more direct route and gives her money directly to the people who need it most. Unfortunately she doesn't quite realize just how much money she's giving them (since she's the equivalent of a multi billionaire). She gives the equivalent of $200 grand to each and every poor person in the entire city.

    3. Most lottery winners use up all of their money within 5 years, now try to imagine a city where over a quarter of the population just won the lottery! A bottle of booze would sell for thousands of dollars overnight! Hyperinflation would set in at this point making money all but meaningless ruining the economy.

    4. This would draw greedy people to it like flies to a corpse as they're trying to sell loaves of bread for hundreds of times what it's worth. This might stabilize the economy eventually, however the heroine see's these greedy goblins as a great threat to her people and bans all trade with them which just makes it worse.

    5. And here comes the overmind into a city that has no employment since shop owners can't afford to pay a living wage, where weapons and armor shops are selling their wares for millions each, half the population is starving, and the benevolent heroine sitting on a giant ghetto wondering how to "help" these poor suffering people more!

  26. backhanded charity...
    I would say something like: "You really can't do anything alone, can you? I guess i could help help someone as inept as you!"
    i think...

  27. Here's a link talking about common forms and habits of charities that can do harm.

    For actions involving charity on a large scale, I would take suggest taking the idea that most people view Africa as a basket case. Most people want to send food, clothing, ect, but this can destroy the local economy and make the receivers dependent on the donations for survival.

    For Audr's insulting attitude I've got three words for you, White Man's Burden. Its the idea that the white man must take it upon himself to enlighten the rest of the uncultured world. An example of this would be saying like the USA helped blacks by bring them over as slaves and giving them Christianity.

  28. [Bookshelf] idea:

    Why don't make the Overlord a book-collector????
    He doesn't have to be so 'bookworm' but shouldn't he has a personal library (since tyranny must be cleaver enough not to make a suicide policy or his realm won't last so long). But it was looted long ago. Then there is a optional quest for him to collect them back or add 'new' books to the library. It may be given by the mistress (forgot her name, the one who resurrected you) who want to recover the lost knowledge.

    Then when you 'search' or 'interact' with certain bookshelf, she will teleport them back. And after some amount, you will be given special skills, items, upgrades or special room like 'science lab'.

    personally, I think the Overlord should have some interesting 'hobby' or 'characteristic' so he doesn't look so plain and boring. (not just a fuck-machine).

  29. I think that what you're after is a Tsundere? i think that this is the best exemple for what you're after with backhand charity...look up to tsundere, it's going to fit perfectly well.

    - AllenAndArth

  30. If you want corrupted Charity, look up the Australian Stolen Generation. Children taken from their families because it would be 'wrong' to leave them with their birth parents.

    Basically being told 'It's wonderful that you get to be part of a real society and not part of your native culture, isn't it?'

    After all, it's for their own good.

    1. Great suggestion!
      Seems to me most things about corrupted charity boil down to a few things:
      - Inefficiency
      - Paternalism
      - Preventing progress by offering help (or strangling the economy)
      - Superiority complex

      Also very nice List, Blackmage!


  31. so assuming this project is dead and buried or moved to patreon as I see no new news on it anywhere.