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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beta 2 Will Be Sent Out Soon

Sometime in the next few hours I'm going to send out links. This'll be the middle of the night for a lot of you, but you'll be able to play whenever you like.

Also, you may have noticed a new "Nanshe" theme to the blog. This will remain until I am bored with it.Shame I can't get the background animated, but maybe that's for the best. I prefer my backgrounds not to be TOO distracting.

Still, enjoy the Nanshe skeledance party for a while.

We've officially reached 69% of the total funding goal for the extras. Thank you everyone! Skeledance party in celebration!

And the second beta is officially out to donators now!


  1. Cool, glad to hear that you are grand releasing.

  2. Is this a second beta for donators only or is this one going to be for everyone?

  3. ok, is there a chance that you can post (percentage wise) at how much there is on the Extras so far as I thinking of donating and would like to what extras are at what percent? (so I can donate to the one I think should be in the game)

    Just to make this clear, I don't mean the completed one as I know you remove those from the voting poll.