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Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress Update

Recently we hit our funding goal, so it is time I talk about the overall progress of the project.

To make the game "done", this is what needs to be completed:

All seven heroine dungeons, regions, and scenarios completed in game.

All seven heroine pictures created, plus the "end image" for a total of fifteen images. 

That is the basic outline for what would be required to get the game to a state where you can play through the beginning and get to an ending, making a complete and cohesive story. And delivering lots of porn, of course.

This is not the "full game". The full game incorporates extra images, quests, and regions which are not directly related to the heroines. However, the "basic game" will be completed long before the "full game" is.

Here is the current progress for programming:

1 Heroine area completed (Nanshe)
2 Under development
4 Not yet made

Of the two under development, one needs the boss fight programmed and the monsters tweaked and made battle-ready.

The other region is about half-done, but significant work remains on it.

Here is the current progress of images:

2 heroine images done. (Nanshe) (This takes the total to thirteen, back to the basic monetary goals you donated for)
2 in development (one almost complete)
4 in negotiations with one artist
3 images reserved for another artist
4 not yet commissioned.

I have notes on each region and heroine, detailing what needs to happen with each one, and allowing me to give direction to artists working on the project. The only other thing that needs doing is ensuring that the credits are sorted and properly arranged so that everyone gets the credit they deserve for helping with the project.

So what you're probably REALLY wondering at this point is, "When will the next release be?"

Well, that depends on when the art is drawn for the heroine for that particular region. When the two currently in development are finished, I'll make sure the game is tidied up and ready a release. I have to finish programming a region in order to make that release, but I believe I'll be done with it by the time the second image is finished.

Specific dates are impossible to give right now. It will probably be another month or so at the absolute most, but now you know why.

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