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Thursday, January 17, 2013

100% Funded!!!

Allow me to state here and now that you are officially the best fans in the history of anything ever.

I opened the project to donations last month, and you have already provided the $650 needed to commission the essential pictures for the game to be finished. And that is just downright fantastic.

I'm going to open donations for extras soon. I'll reserve the current $670 for the essential pictures. Anything after that will go into making extras happen.

As for how that'll be handled, it'll most likely go like this: If you donate enough to get a specific picture for an extra done and request that extra, that money will be reserved for that extra straight out. (This is generally calculated at $50 a pic.)

There will be a common pool for nonspecific donations, which I'll decide what to spend on. Before I spend any of the "common pool", I'll ask the previous donators to see which images on the list they want done first, and spend on that. Ultimately it's my project and I will finalize the details of those extras myself, but this game is something I'm making for all of you.

Whether you donate or not, so long as you enjoy this game I will be happy.

I will give you an update on the progress of the next release tomorrow. For now: Celebrate! 100% Woooooo!

PS: I'm talking with various artists right now to try and get more art done. If you are an artist and are interested (or you have an artist friend who wants some commissions), tell me! These delicious cash monies are here to be given to you. 

Mentions of how money will be handled are no longer true. See here for details.

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  1. The aspect that drew me in to donate the most was that you were using all art you had done or made yourself.

    This was not a game that used other IP's or random images pulled from the web, and I have respect for that.

    Hope you can keep up your side as well! A narrative and combat system to go along.

    Best of luck getting to a full (all extras) release!