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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sleepymaid Streaming and Patreon Rewards

The Patreon Rewards and tiers I discussed are up now. Please let me know your ideas for an $20 tier.

Also Sleepymaid is streaming a picture for the project to go in the next big release. Watch along!

EDIT: And the stream is done with Overwhored stuff but still going. Thanks to those of you that stopped by!


  1. Any idea when the next bug fix release is going to be that fixes the things that had been reported after 9am and weren't gotten to in the first one?

  2. What about an OC cameo for people who make the $20 tier?

  3. First of all I want to say that I really like your game, I've played it almost since the original release a while ago and each new version made the game better, specially aesthetically.
    Now, in the most recent version I noticed enemy pictures looking directly to the screen but also party member sprites on the right, and I have to say that, to make the combat more aesthetically, better to the eye, I believe the solution is to eliminate the sprites on the right.
    With that said I will continue to support your work, and, if economy decides to give me a rest, donate to keep things on the move