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Saturday, April 26, 2014

New News!

Hey all, sorry for the lack of news lately!

The truth is I have been super busy lately! Let's start with some of the basics:

First, PlanetofJunk, AKA Mindwipe, one of the most awesome artists on my team is redrawing the faces in Overwhored. ALL of them will be hand drawn in the next version, and I'm flat out not releasing a new version until that's out.

He's posted a lineart preview here:

He also posted some ludicrously hot warmup sketches of Audr which you can see here:

On my end things are progressing. I'm working on filling in the monstergirl village, working on redesigning some maps people complained about (for instance, making the docks much easier to find) and I've also added a whole new system a bit ago.

This system is a new messaging system. Unfortunately it means there's no longer a text-skip option, HOWEVER this new system allows me to create complex crafting system or have more than four choices in a row. So a lot will have to be redesigned for it to work fully, but it's TOTALLY worth it. I can finally make the Orb of Dominion, Upgrade Center and Smithy I always wanted to make. That's no small deal.

With this system I'll be able to create things that let you directly trade orgasmic energy for items, skills, or anything else I want.

I'm also working on some new maps, working on redoing EVERYONE's skills to fully flesh them out (yes, the previous skills were all placeholders) and finally I'm filling in the Monstergirl Village and working on a sex scene with a goblin girl.

Other big news: I'm participating in a podcast! Along with Nekochan, Chibi, NoMoshing and possibly special guests in the future, we discuss adult games and adult game design.

The indecent gaming podcast is out! Check out the first episode here!

Finally I have a new music team (who I've unfortunately not talked to in a while because I've been so busy) and a trailer for the game that will come out in a while, voiced by the lovely Nekochan - wife of my H-Game little bro, NoMoshing. They have a stellar mic and she has done a wonderful job.

More news to come soon!


  1. unfortunately, i can't seem to get the game to run. i used the direct download and every time i run it it says "failed to load archive". any help would be appreciated, this game looks like it's amazing.

    1. the game runs on RPG maker so you'll need to download the RTP on the RPG maker website.

    2. I already did that, but i still get the same message... Any suggestions? it seems to be a missing file, judging by the error message i get.

  2. SO will this new version also be a 'play from the beginning' update to see all the new stuff?

    1. I know I will. :)

    2. Generally speaking, most games made in RPG Maker wind up requiring you to start over when anything in the core game is changed. I think if Cypress just kept slapping more onto the end without messing around with the core coding it wouldn't, but then the game would be of terrible quality and overflowing with bugs, glitches, and freezes..