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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Updates and Previews

Thank you for your list of monstergirls. I will look over them and see what can be incorporated in the game.

A quick note:

Goblin girls WILL be in the game regardless; they're a part of the upcoming chapter. The pictures will likely not be ready in time, however. I decided to get some maids done instead.

Cow Girls already have artwork; Princess Melita or Tasa (whichever you chose) will eventually open up a cowgirl farm and you'll have the option to brainwash them both. (Not in this version, but the artwork is getting worked on). They're in a separate payment pool from proper monstergirls.

I'm also almost certainly going to throw in a Lamia and a Fairy. Faeries are a personal fetish; Lamia are part of a theme and a good few have been in the game already.

Now my art. Normally I won't post a full color preview here without some censorship, but I want you to see what it looks like with color, albeit in game size. This was drawn by me; not anyone else. So I want honest constructive feedback on it. There is a sequence of images with this, so this is obviously not all positions/expressions.

Progress continues to progress on the game itself; spent a bit of time working on revamping the upgrade system yesterday. Still needs a lot of work. A lot of maps are coming along very well.

I've added two maids to the new servants quarters you can recruit; there should be at least one maid sex pic drawn before the release (if all goes well).


  1. Hmm, perhaps a bit more muscle on her arms (not a lot, but she probably shouldn't look that frail as a pirate captain) other than that it looks really good to me. Can't wait to see it in the game. :D

  2. it's quite good, my advice: lower the shoulder of the girl or make it closer to the breast/body will make the character more proportional, and shortened the sideline of the lips. The gradation and coloring already good enough(some part need skin tone for the man, but it doesn't really matter). The other part of shoulder seem bigger(normally closer view should be much bigger,but it's switched because you changed the hand position from the draft). If you don't want to repair it, there's another solution: make the left (new "half") wrist of the man to fill up the empty space between the man and woman's shoulder. Keep up the good work, waiting for your new next release :)

    1. I agree with most of what Shiryuudan said. Move her shoulder a bit closer to her body (You might even be able to hide it partly under her hair) and make her arm a little bit thicker.
      For the Overminds body I'd say you did a well enough job. Upper Body and his Penis are sort of the most important part here and they look fine. That his lower body is VERY strange is not really noticable. Colouring also is good enough on both.

  3. I have been looking forward to the next release for months, it's great to see so much progress being made so fast. Keep up the good work!

  4. The tit on the right side seems to be doing a visual trick on me that makes it seem like its not quite right. Like its not separate from the overmind's body. I can tell that it is not part of his body, but my eyes are screwing with me. I feel that you have come very far with your skill lvl though and look forward to see you improve in the future and become a regular artist for the game.

  5. Ditch the outlines, seriously your work will look much more professional if you lose the super apparent, extra thick black outlines. Try differentiating different areas with shade and/or contrasting colours; it will take some time but the results will be apparent.

    Consider adding a texture overlay, the eyes should be more cristaline (or at least have some depth) the hair is really "flat" as if they're wearing nothing but silk - maybe add some wear/weave/whatever to their clothes.