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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Working Release Date

If you saw this morning's comment, please ignore it. There was a linguistic misunderstanding. If you didn't, don't sweat it.

For those of you out there who keep asking me what this new version will include and when it will be out:

One brand new heroine you can capture.

Three new cities.

Three new dungeons.

An option to skip to the latest chapter.

Completely rebuilt maps everywhere.

The option to kill or leave alive citizens in the first village.

A nice boat.

A titjob from a sexy pirate captain drawn by me!

A whole new opening with art done by the amazing artist Sleepymaid.

Art for the slave pits done by Sleepymaid.

Rewritten sex scenes.

And so, so much more.

This took a long time because the entire game basically had to be entirely rebuilt and I've been sick as heck lately. However, I'm confident we can get a release to you during the month of February. I'll be trying for the 1st, but it may be later in that month.

Thanks for waiting everyone. Let me know your feedback below.


  1. Sounds great, but it kind of just made it so I would re read it 3 times because of that last bit "..when it will be out:" Can't lie I read all the great changes, and then reread 3 more times going "aww, the when will it be out part was a teaser, I hope its soon."

    1. I check this site more then any other game site, even big games like War Thunder. Always bit my tongue knowing this one was quality and worth waiting for, but man that list of new stuff made break my vow of not bringing up the dreaded release date elephant in the room lol.

      And that is saying something since my last adult game does weekly status updates, and patches 2 times a month granted its a text game CoC, Champions of Corruption...

    2. Corruption of Champions

  2. At every new bit, YES!

    Then at the 'not for a couple weeks though' NO!

  3. yay, new content! :3
    can't wait, your game is really great :)

  4. Nice nice! It will be a long wait, but it will be worth.
    By the way, Merry Christmas! Keep going man!

  5. I personally do not care that it will be some time still before the next update. So long as the quality remains as good as it has been, if not improves.

  6. Glade to hear you still trucking along, still i would rather have the release date pushed back (as much as i crave the update) then have you work yourself sick (well, sicker [Get well soon!]). Hope things get better for ya, and know we are all rooting for ya!

  7. New content with new brand heroine! aww yeah(even though it's not in this patch, i hope there's princess/queen/priestess heroine in the future release).
    PS: i just realized the background changed again, no more skeletons, or public figure stone :D

  8. merry christmas and a happy new year Cypress! the new release sounds great, don't rush yourself just get it out once you are happy with it and you aren't dying of whichever flu managed to get you

  9. Keep up the good work! Let us know how we non-creative types can help.

  10. Just have found this side and i must say i see great potential.
    Keep working : )

  11. Happy new year Cypress!
    looking forward to hearing and seeing what comes of this in the future

  12. The new stuff sounds good.

    Might be a bit of trouble getting used to the new maps after so long, but eh.

    Also happy new year, because I totally forgot to say it on the actual latest post.