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Monday, October 21, 2013

Updates and Considerations

Hi again, everyone!

I've been doing a bit of work on the game lately. The boat scene is done, the quest to get to the boat is done, and dungeons generally take a lot less time than complex cutscenes. The boat scene involved a ship-to-ship battle, so it took a bit of time.

I'm probably going to be in and out of the hospital this week and over the next few weeks - nothing serious, hopefully, but between that and work I don't know how much free time I'll have, since the hospital is an hour away. (I would suggest not having any sort of medical emergency where I live.)

This brings up a simple consideration. I hate taking so long to release a new version of the game.

This version needs several more things to be complete, some of which have complex cutscenes and such.

What I'm considering is adding several sex scenes for existing characters, doing the island dungeon, and then making the 'main continent' where you capture the dwarven heroine a separate release. Though all the maps have been redesigned, this will be a pretty short release if I do that. I'm going to put a poll at the end of this so you can decide whether you want to wait, or you want to get the release ASAP.

If you want to wait, I can't say how long it'd take. If you want it fast, I should be able to finish up the island dungeon and run through the game to fix some things related to the all new maps by the 4th of next month (depending on the outcome of hospital visits).

To clarify, here's what still needs to be done (Not counting the island dungeon):

1: Make the ruined village
2: Make the dwarven village
3: Make the hidden monstergirl village
4: Make the volcano dungeon
5: Finish up the tunnels dungeon

I may cut the ruined village and place a small camp there instead, and I miiiight push the hidden monstergirl village to the release after. The Bilbao chapter (Basque Lamaak heroine) will be a lot shorter than this one.

I've already done a bit of work on the above.

Now for some art previews! I honestly don't recall if I've shown some of these before. The next version WILL include the option to impregnate the three initial slaves, as well as a redrawn threeway bj scene.

This is important: When the next release comes out, I will include ALL sketches, small and large versions of images currently in the game with the beta release download for donators only. Those of you donating have been very kind, and I want to give something back. It's about time I did this.



On the my art front: I still suck at shading, but recently got a new color palette and my lineart is looking a lot better. I'm starting to think I might be able to draw a scene or two for the game, but the main issue remains shading. My attempts at blended shading still look terrible and I still have no natural sense of how shading works.

Here's where I am right now, my latest pic. I used a photo for reference with it. With references, I seem to do alright. Without everything I do looks atrocious. This took me a few hours, spaced out over time.

If nothing else, I may be able to make some temporary art until it can be replaced with art done by a real artist on the team. It'd make me feel less like I'm wasting my time when I'm drawing instead of working on Overwhored, anyway. Right now I feel like I don't spend nearly enough time on anything I'm doing.



I'm going to plug two games now. Been meaning to for a while.

The first is called Harem Collector. You play as a guy out to enslave over a hundred women with the aid of magical mind controlling slave collars.

The game is made by a fellow that goes by NoMoshing and his wife, Nekochan. They're both excellent people. He started as a fan of Overwhored, decided to make his own game and ended up making a great one. It's far from complete but he updates regularly and his content is good. He's contributed to Overwhored by helping with some of the more complex events, and the cast has a cameo in his game; I'm planning to return the favor when I can get a chance.

If you enjoy Overwhored and want to make your own game, I will help you. With resources and advice, anyway. Harem Collector is a great game and I would love to see a thriving community emerge. I have a resource page up here for just this reason.

You can find his game and download it here:

I basically consider this a 'sister' game to Overwhored. Give these kind people some love. They do great work.


The Second game is called Ashford Academy.

Ashford Academy continues in the tradition of the Hentai Highschool games. You're the principal of a highschool which starts out prudish, and your goal is to make it preposterously perverse during your stay. You can be good or evil and corrupt various teachers and students along the way. It works in a VN style, but plays out more like the classic HHS games than an actual VN.

Now this does come with a disclaimer: This sort of game DOES use ripped images from various established games. It isn't done for profit, however, and I'm quite sure no one intends disrespect for the games the images are taken from.

This was exactly the sort of game that got me started on making games myself. I'm a bit obsessed about not having copyrighted material in my current work so no one can ever take it down, but make no mistake - games like this are where I got my start.

 I made a few events for this to show my support; actually. I did them hurredly, didn't actually program them (someone else did that for me) and didn't proofread them. I couldn't justify taking away more than an evening from Overwhored.

They are in the latest version, however. A version which came out today; the one year anniversary of the game's creation.

If you have an evening free, you should play it!

You can get the latest download (Which came out today!) here:


Now for the polls:

Quick Release or Full Chapter? free polls 

Should Cypress_z do some art for the game? free polls 

Have a good week, everybody!


  1. I think the real question is how much a quick release will slow you down. If the answer is "not much" I honestly can't see a reason not to release it.

  2. I think the main reason you are having trouble with the shading is you don't seem to have a primary light source/direction. That is why your shadows and bright spots aren't looking quite right. But that all comes with practice i suppose, my art teacher taught me that drawing from life (real physical) instead of reference (2D image) helps to greatly refine ones craft, as you can see what one is drawing from many angles, thus seeing what isn't shown in a 2D photograph. But well done all the same :)

  3. Have you thought about releasing a gallery so that we can view scenes we've already unlocked? *That* is something I'm willing to pay through the nose to fund.

  4. The drawings are good, but the shoulders seem to be a bit too low in correlation to the top of her rear, in the second picture -is she bending? If so, the drawing doesn't properly reflect that. Other than that, the shading is definitely bad.
    Myself, I'd rather just wait to get some more content done, to make the new version a tad more enjoyable, rather than just a short tease.

  5. here i will save you the trip to the hospitl

    drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of sleep
    ok that will come out to about 5000 dollars will that be cash or credit sir ^_-

    i prefer a full chapter than a half ass one
    take your time every one who has any love for this game will wait till we are old and grey if needed lol

  6. Hey, Cypress_z, thanks for the plug! Good to see you're updating again, I got a little worried there for awhile.

    With regard to the release issue- I think you should use your own judgement. If an incomplete release is what it takes to keep you motivated, go for it. After all, feedback is so valuable, and you want your game to stay on people's radars. But then again, if you'd rather do a full chapter, do that instead.

    1. Tried your game. It's a pretty fun game but the custom girl art is just awful. Completely kills the experience for me. CGs taken off the internet seems like it would make the game much better.

  7. Do you think you can tell the guys who made the high school game to include more ways to get money they have so many buying things and so feew money that can be spent it's extremely hard to purchase anything.

  8. The art ain't terrible and I'm accustomed to waiting for porn games, so I voted accordingly: Temp images and waiting for the full release.

    Good luck with dem hospital visits.

    I hope it's nothing serious.

  9. Thanks for the link to Ashford Academy, easily one of my favorites now :D

  10. This game is very interesting, and having played the others I am fascinated by what you and you're friends are doing. Keep up the good work, and as someone said above trust your instincts about how to release we don't mind either way.
    Also, how is your health, I hope all is well and that you can answer this question; are you offering help with other hentai RPG Maker games or any RPG Maker games? Kinda've curious, as your game seems better than 95% of all RPG Maker games both in terms of story and gameplay...

  11. 9.7"... because 10" would be unreasonably big :)