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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Overwhored Progress Week of 16/Jul/13

Progress is going just spectacularly. Images are being drawn, translations are being translated, and plot is being plotted.

The German translation of the game is coming along REALLY well. A significant portion of the game has been translated. To this day I can't quite figure out why Germans seem to like the game so much, but I'm more than happy to accommodate them. The translator, Braindeadmaster, is hard at work and doing a great job. Many Zaftig ladies shall be added in his honor.

There's also a Spanish translation just starting. Here's to hoping it turns out well!

If you speak any language other than English fluently and you're interested in translating part of the game, let me know! This is especially true for Japanese. The Japanese community doesn't even know that this game exists. After all the inspiration they've given me (their RPG Maker games were a heavy influence) I'd love to give some back.

The shining star right now is the mapping. You would not believe how much EVERY map being worked on has improved. 0nymous is really rocking it.

Compare these two maps for an idea of how much these maps are improving the game.

This is the outside area I created forever ago.

This is the WIP area he created for the same location.

Yeah. Progress is going well.


  1. Wow, that is a big improvement (not saying I didn't like your maps :P).

    If he can remove the square-y feel of the rest of the maps, it will make the game that much better.

  2. Hm, I kind of liked the simplistic way.

  3. Mmm, the map is looking definately better, but isn't traversing through such zig-zagey terrain going to be a nightmare?

  4. I have to say that my first reaction when I saw that bit of map for the very first time was, "Wow, this is a little basic." But on subsequent trips through the area and multiple starts, I realized that I loved it because it only took me a couple of seconds to buzz through there and get on with whatever I was doing in the game.

    Visually, I appreciate the new map. But looking at it all I can think is, "Dammit, that's going to involve so much more walking to get through." Ah well. It DOES look nice.

  5. I don't care too much about how the LAND of all things looks in an H-game, but for whatever it's worth the new version of that map DOES look prettier than the old version.

    Seems your mapper-dude's legit.

    Of course, it also looks like it's going to be more of a bother to run through, which is a shame, but what can ya do.

  6. Like that more work is being put in, gonna add a few more seconds to my commute, but hey I did find out that oddely enough a xbox controller works with RPG maker so it doesn't bother me much.

    In fact what has me hooked on this and some of the other RPG maker games isn't the H part, its the story, the H is like gravy on the top of it. If I wanted H I could pull out one of the Illusion games or something else like it.

    I am an overlord fan so this game has a bit more interest in it for me. I loved those games, and this one hasn't disappointed me yet. So much more fun then just blindly fucking things, conquering/saving a whole town and then fucking is way more fun.

  7. Hi there, keep up the good work ;)
    To my opinion, the first map was better than the second. The second is just more complicated (and with some mistakes too) and isn't really pretty. I'm not sure that will serve the interest of your game.

    1. >and with some mistakes too
      Elaborate. I'm all down for receiving criticism in any form, but you need to point out the mistakes specifically.
      >and isn't really pretty
      Since we're both speaking subjectively, the only thing I can say in my defense is hide behind the "MUH TILESETS" excuse. Won't get any prettier on RPGMVX. Uh, subjectively speaking, of course.

      Besides, you know how many times you'll have to walk through this map? Once. Maybe twice. Teleportation, ho!

      Thanks for all the positive and negative comments to everyone.
      I need to see your opinions to know what the target audience, so to speak, wants in and what not.

    2. Yeah i know it's quite subjective and it's hard to make something great with the common tileset(but there's a lot a free great tileset, so why using the common one?). Using parallaxe is a way to make something less squared. About the mistakes, just check N-E of your map. The height of the moutain is from 1 to 3 and 6 to 7 without lines to justify it.
      And yeah i know you'll have to walk on this map once, that's why i said that it won't serve the interest of the game. For me, this kind of map should be used for explorating.

    3. The new map sample does look quite nice.

      However, after reading I have to say that parallax mapping does sound awesome.

      Not a huge deal however, compared to the very noticeable improvement over the original maps, although the solution to layer issues would be nice.

  8. I like the new map. Yes, it will last some seconds to run through it, but it's okay. It's a RPG at last, so there should be more than just going from one H-Scene to the next one as fast as possible. If I want that, I'd go to H-Foundry or something else for watching pictures.

    So I must say: Thank you, good work!

  9. Great News... keep up the good work! :D

    The new map looks far better imho. Sure it may take a second or more, but that little bit doesn't bother me in the slightest... not while there are loads of games out there where you have to traverse what feels like 30 Screens everytime to get from one point to another...^^


  10. New maps are looking good. Just adds a little bit of polish and makes a good game a great game.

    Looking forward to the next release.

  11. I have to concur with the anons above. The map, while certainly longer than the original, is not so long that it becomes annoying (especially not with the movement speed Overmind has).
    Round it off a little bit, and that'll be one hell of an atmospheric detail, and I'll gladly trade atmosphere for speed.

    Awesome job so far, by the way!

  12. does this mean there will be more monsters roaming around since the new maps will be a bit bigger.