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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Overwhored Ver 0.9.5 Beta is up on Patreon!

So, let's get this started. The final story beta is HERE.

 It's up on Patreon now, but it has been a struggle. The week prior to the release date I wanted (the 21st) power and internet connections kept going out, something that continued into the Christmas week. That's a sufficient excuse for some but not all of the delay. Sadly I just have to take personal responsibility for the rest of it. I wanted to include some short cutscene flashbacks to the heroines to show their backstories. I figured, hey, I'm a writer, I've crunched down on so much else so fast, that should take an evening, right? HA! The fastest one was Branda, who already had a detailed background written out but she still took most of a day. It's like writing a short story, then compressing the short story into a minute or two of content, then programming in the cutscenes, something I'm not particularly good at. Basically I really underestimated how long it would take to do that. I got almost all of them done. Only Ilmatar and Audr remain. At the rate I was going it would be another two or three days before I could release the game, and I REALLY want this beta out before this month is over. Besides, I sat there writing that content and I knew damn well that as a porn game many players were just gonna skip through the story content anyway. Even with that I have some pride as a writer to retain - rushing stories like this results in bad stories, so I'm gonna take a bit more time on those. Otherwise things are pretty solid.

  So here's some of the features of this chapter compared to the previous chapter:

 1: The game's story is basically finished here. This includes the final boss and an entire complete chapter.

  2: The final chapter doesn't have one dungeon. It has FOUR. Yeah, four separate dungeons! Each is pretty different from the last and has some wildly different mechanics as well as a unique boss.

 3: The Tower Mistress gets a full sex scene in this chapter.

 4: So does Rubati.

 5: Promised features are now in the game! Those repeatable sex scenes you've been asking for? Go to the crown in your private quarters and you can relive them all! The teleport system is also done! Not fully fleshed out but in "functional framework" mode are taxes/orgasmic energy collection at the end of each chapter, The Orb of Dominion's upgrade system, and the Arena where you can battle for items! They'll be fully fleshed out and tested next month but for now they ARE at least functional.

 6: Tons of new battle images for monsters. Almost all the monsters in the game and characters have unique art now!

 7: Heroine backstories! As mentioned above, there are some (brief) flashbacks to what actually made them heroes in the first place.

 8: Innumerable small changes! New sex scenes implemented!

  Trust me folks, you're gonna have a blast with this one. This is the final story release, after this it's just gonna be refinement. Overwhored is damn near done, and the beta is here. Look it up on Patreon. The public release will be in just a few days!


  1. Thanks Cypress, while you're probably right and that some people are probably going to overlook those backstories I will be one of the ones who dives into them. As while the sex scenes are great, I love being able to compare what a character was like before their corruption to after it. That said I also prefer slower corruptions to the insta sex corruptions that happen in Overwhored so I'm fully looking forward to the slower staged corruptions to come in Home Invasion. With Pan helping you out I have no doubt that it'll be one of the best visual novels games ever made for corruptions, of which far to few ever get translated into english.

  2. I have to admit, my favorite news is a chance to relieve the porn-scenes, since more often than not I just skip them once I reached them because i actually get more into the story :D
    But I like the game so far and I can't wait to test the public build, thank you for all your hard work! =)

  3. Thank You for your hard work and dedication! I dabble in software development myself and know how hard it is to stay focused on a project.
    Wish you the best for 2016 =)

  4. Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations on all the great work. I may not have been able to support through Patreon, but I've been a fan of this series since version 3, so I'm happy to see it's finally coming together. Though I am curious, when will this version be publicly available?

  6. thanks man! i love your game and i thank you for all your great efforts through the years. hope to play this final version soon and follow you again on your next game making progress :D

  7. Happy new year Cypress. thanks for rather insanely continuing to work while you reasonably should have been eating and drinking yourself to oblivion like the rest of us. and a late merry christmas while I am here as well

    1. ( also this is from australia where it has actually been the new year for about an hour at this point )

  8. I would just like to say I just discovered this game. And holy hell I wish I had been following it sooner. Or maybe not seeing as I now have almost the completed game with little wait XD. It's really nice to see someone make a rpgmaker game and not just fill the world with rpgmaker default assets and h-scenes from 3d customgirl. Which I find to look like crash test dummies gettin it on.

    Just one niggle some of the earlier h-seces don't show up on the crown in your room. Anything before Audr and the "coffee" scene doesn't show up for me. And unfortunately that includes Branda and Nanshe .. my two favorites.

  9. i have one problem, in the final dungeon, more precisely lava dungeon there are metal doors to something that looks like a maze, and they are closed, i guess it has something to do with some switches in the jumping passage before that, and now i cant return to this jumping passage due to the unability to return to a certain jumppad which is nessecary to return to the switches