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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Art Team Member: Zyii!

I'm pleased to announce that a friend of mine, Zyii, has joined the art team! I'm not sure how much she'll do in the long run. For now she's done a new monster to replace the tentacle monsters that came with the system. It's always good to have custom art rather than premade assets.

She's also active in the mind control community and often streams stuff with other artists; she's practically a living hub of art activity. The Ice Princess will be using her name as a cameo.
Zyii's work can be found here.

While I'm discussing art allow me to show you a few other recent battle pics. These were a collaboration between Sleepymaid (color) and Mindwipe (Lineart). These will replace the Slime Angel and Slime Angel Queen, respectively.

This new Tasa battle sprite was done entirely by Mindwipe:

Also this month's bonus pics are going to be done by both Mindwipe and Drew. I've given a preview of Drew's work, this will be a preview of Mindwipe's work.

The new maps are still getting worked on. If this means the next beta doesn't come out on the 1st I'll still put it up ASAP once I have them in and can get everything running smoothly. I will show you a preview of the Ice Palace. The professional team of mappers I'm using are called Black Coffee Maps. Thanks to your donations I can now afford to pay people who have real skill in this.

Finally I am prepared to put out a proof-of-concept game strictly for $20 tier donors. This is a preview of Home Invasion (working title) the visual novel I'm going to make next. I'm also having some work done to preview some scenes from that game on the sketch level. This'll also be the $20 tier. Below is a preview of what it'll look like. Keep in mind that this is simply assembling some sketch level assets and some first draft scripts. This will NOT reflect the quality level of the end-product, I simply want people to know what I'll be doing next. Once the assets are on a higher level I'll release it to the $1 tier, though that may be a few months away.

Thanks again for all the support you all have shown! Without you I wouldn't be able to do a tenth of what I'm doing!


  1. not to sure about the map for the castle but i like the battle sprites

  2. Only question I have is is Home Invasion also mind control based like your previous work?

  3. I think he said home invasion was supposed to be mind control heavy but besides that I can't remember the setting or other themes in the game... I know it is suppose to be like the Robozou - the king of all mind control trainer games.

  4. Long as it doesn't involve time limits, that was something I always hated about Robozou...also the lack of a proper english based walkthrough lol

  5. "Thanks again for all the support you all have shown! Without you I wouldn't be able to do a tenth of what I'm doing!"

    No,thank YOU! i have been a fan of this game since the first version was released. and i have to say that you are a truly great developer. wish more devs were like you :)

    1. yes i have been a fan of this game for a long time to not since the start but have been there to see the game change and evolve into what it is that i love