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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art Change

So I was talking with my friend Sleepymaid about the changes you all suggested, and I was like, "Hey, know a way I could fix this without spending 10 hours on redoing stuff?"

And sleeps was like, "Sure, I'll do some fixes as a warmup before I draw tomorrow." So I toss my working file into our shared dropbox. This isn't uncommon; talking to artist friends is part of how I improve. Feedback is nice.

The next day comes and I get a popup in my dropbox folder. It's the entire thing. Redrawn, except for the shading. Every single layer. Flat colors.

I laughed for about ten minutes and offered to just pay sleeps if the shading was done. That wasn't why it was done - it was done to help me learn and fix things - but if that much of it is done and it's that much better I am going to use it.

So my art will be replaced by Sleepymaid's art.

This isn't a pride damage thing. I want what is best for the project; always. And Sleepymaid is much, much better than I am. I'll take this as a learning experience, work on fixing stuff in my off time and do something else for the project in the future.

As a side note: Sleepymaid and I use the exact same pen settings. My lines are much thicker because my tablet is less sensitive and because I have a lead hand. Such is life.


  1. Hey now, better an artist with a lead hand then a boxer with a feather touch! ^_^

    Keep at it and you'll get better mate.

  2. yeah it's more proportional now and look's good. Add the shading and... voila... it's perfect. It's good to have artist friend, you may noticed another idea or improve yourself.

  3. Hey, big fan of this project.
    I would like to say that drawing people without taking drawing classes is a pain. So your previous work was actually good. Goes without saying that having people to who know how to draw people is a great help. I personally would like to see you improve your drawings (and have suggestions on how you could, like where you could start to figure out how anatomy works and all that) but it depends mostly on you.
    Game-wise, I am looking forward for the February update.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself.

  4. XD I know where this art is from to think he/she would put his effort into a game like this I think it was called Arkandian I may be mistaken but yeah some of the art seems to be from there!