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Monday, August 12, 2013

A short hiatus?

Hi everyone. First off, apologies to my team for seemingly dropping off the face of the earth.

Last week I had horrendous internet problems paired with a number of meetings concerning possibly going back to college (among other things) and with my regular work and various other responsibilities, this effectively sucked up my free time. As a result I was not able to work on the game last week.

I have several more meetings this week. I probably won't know until Wednesday whether or not I'll be going back to college. The situation involves a few offices and organizations, so it's more complex than, "I'd like to go back to college now, here's your tuition money, kthxbye."

This does NOT mean development on Overwhored will stop. I have a team and they're continuing to work; I got some sketches in shortly ago and more mapping has been done. My work on events has slowed, but I will resume work on them some time this week. Or that is to say, I will make time for it.

You donated a lot of money to the project. Even if you hadn't, however, I long ago resolved to see Overwhored finish. Even if no one had donated; even if I had to pay for every bit of art myself and do every bit of the game with my own hands, I would.

I don't have to. Your generosity has meant that even when my schedule pushes the game aside for a bit work does not stop.

I'm not sure at this point when the next release will be. Mapping has gone well, but art is the main holdup. Yes, even with my hiatus. If I get an evening or two in a row I can probably make the majority of the content for the next release. But that isn't going to speed up the art. Even though the team is talented and fairly fast for commissions, it takes time.  How long? I don't know.

That's the sum total of the news right now. The rest is just going to be some self-indulgence.

A separate tangent:

Should I do another project after this I'm going to either raise the art budget significantly and hire an artist full time or do some myself. I'm not a very good artist, to be honest, so that would not be the preferred option. Even with a reference, this seems to be the best I can do right now:

I won't post the reference image due to copyright issues (Lilith is rather protective of it's IP and I'm paranoid about copyright trolls) but it's fair to say my picture is a terrible attempt at replicating it.

Instead I'll show you a picture made without a reference. Without a proper reference I'm much worse.

I badly need to work on my lighting skills. A friend of mine, the talented Sleepymaid, basically took this apart and redid it in five minutes 100% better just by redoing the lighting. It seems I just don't understand lighting that well. Still, I only started drawing in 2011, and I started at stick figure level. I suppose I haven't done too badly so far. Even so, there's some downsides and some upsides to having artists as friends. The upside: They often help you suck less. The downside: This involves them pointing out where you suck horribly, and you feel like a horrible person. Note that friends do that, fake friends will simply tell you it looks great when it looks terrible. Believe me, occasionally being politely told that I suck and need to improve is a good thing. It's what let me come this far.

I don't know where I find time to do art. I wish I could draw every day but I prioritize Overwhored over art, and I only seem to get in a few hours every other week. I do love working on Overwhored, but I don't JUST want to create a game.

When I was younger, I learned to write and create beautiful works of fiction. But I always burned to draw; to create visual worlds to compliment the ones I created with text. Now I'm learning, but it isn't enough.

Creating games is wonderful as well. It's another aspect of creation. I adore all aspects of creation. Creation is the soul of life.

To be honest, I don't think I'll ever rest until I can simply raise my hand and say, "let there be light" and flip on the switch to create a grand, fully constructed simulation of a universe. There is no such thing as too much creation.

The fact that so many of my works are adult is a bit saddening, but only in that I can't share them with everyone. Would that I could. I'd love to tell people about these hobbies.

Oh, speaking of hobbies, I finally got a story up on the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive. I've written adult mind control stories for years but I never shared any. It seems that has begun to change. Fun fact: I very nearly didn't share Overwhored with anyone. If I hadn't reluctantly shown it to some friends who encouraged me to show it to others, you wouldn't be seeing this blog right now. As much as I said I regret not being able to share these hobbies with everyone above, I also dislike sharing things I make because it changes them. When I make things for myself it's fairly fun; when I make things for others it's a performance and needs to be endlessly checked for mistakes and flaws. I'm slowly forcing myself to relax and show things to others.  Though I don't think I'll ever lower my standards.

This story is one I was pretty pleased with in the end. It's pretty different than Overwhored, but you might enjoy taking a look if you like Mind Control.

See you next Monday!


  1. Yeah, making stuff for publication can certainly make it less relaxing and more like pure work, because others will judge, and may do so harshly - whether rightly or wrongly.

    Overwhored's decent though, so I'm glad you were encouraged to share it.

    Good luck with dat college shit, hope it works out.

  2. I'm not really good when it come for english (french guy) so i'll make it quick. I said just like ArgentRain said. I'm gonna read your story and i'm sure i'll enjoy it. Ans well, good luck for the college too :) i hope it'll be as you want.

  3. I finish to read it and yeah it was cool i love it :) i understand everything so great story ^^

  4. Don't get too stressed out about the audience, I can guarantee that the world you've created for us so far with Overwhored is great work and I have no doubt what you keep adding will be as good if not better. I can't wait for this to be finished but I know great works can't be rushed so I'm willing to wait for as long as you need to finish this.

    Good luck with your college dilema :)

  5. Cypress, could you upload Sleepymaid's version of your Jade pic somewhere? I have to say that I enjoy the pic very much (let's be honest, your art is above average compared to most MC artists and you are steadily improving. Just think of Rosvo, if you compare his oldest works with what he does right now there is a world of difference. Don't give up, pal) so I'd like to see the changes Sleepy did to improve the lightning.

    Kudos for doing a MC Jade pic, I was always surprised of the lack of Beyond G&E mind control art considering that there is so much heavily implied mind control in the game just screaming at you ;).

    1. I deleted it. After I worked with it for a couple of hours I had no reason to keep it. Sai files are huge, and it wasn't complete. Sleeps spent about ten minutes on it. What was done was excellent, but very unfinished, just going over some broad concepts. I don't think sleeps'd like that being uploaded for that reason. I probably should have saved a .png version but we go over stuff like this fairly regularly, and I didn't think to bother. If I get something wrong I don't steal Sleepymaid's work and finish it, after studying it and copying a few times I toss it out and try to get it right in the next pic I do. I almost never save those pictures at all, and very nearly deleted this one entirely.

      If you just want to see an example of what the corrections look like...

      This pic is probably a year old, and it's a lineart correction, not color. The corrections are usually simple like this either way.